Lelo Bruno Black Anal Vibrator for Men

Lelo Bruno Anal Vibrator for Men

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Can a man have an orgasm by stimulating an area other than his penis? Of course he can! This is not only possible — the climax will be much more intense if it is achieved by massaging the prostate. Why? Because this area, which is packed with nerve endings, must be accessed, of course, through the anus. LELO, the prestigious sexual wellness company, understand that this is an extremely pleasurable, but also delicate area. They want to make it much easier for you to enjoy it. Here is Bruno — the most sought-after male vibrator in the world.

This prostate massager is so perfect it looks like it was sculpted by Michelangelo himself. It's equipped with two powerful motors (one at the insertable end for precise prostate stimulation and one at the base to stimulate the perineum), and six intense vibration patterns. Made of high quality medical silicone, its completely waterproof, rechargeable, and comes with a certificate of biocompatibility. Bruno is the perfect size for all men and all levels of experience.

Main features of the LELO Bruno men's vibrator:

  • Vibrating prostate massager.
  • Simultaneously stimulates the P-spot and the perineum.
  • It has two powerful motors and six different vibration modes.
  • Elegant design.
  • Made of high quality medical-grade silicone and very soft to the touch.
  • It is certified biocompatible.
  • Waterproof and rechargeable.
  • You can use it alone or with a partner.
  • Its size is perfect for all experience levels — from complete beginners to veritable experts.
  • It comes with a USB charging cable.
  • Available in two colours: purple and black.

Advice and recommendations for use.

As you know, the anus; unlike the vagina, does not lubricate naturally. For a satisfying, pleasurable and smooth experience, use a good water-based lubricant. We recommend washing the toy before and after each use with warm water and mild soap. You may also use a specific sex toy cleaner for enhanced disinfection.

Now relax and enjoy pleasure without limits. You won't regret it.

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