Lelo Sona Cerise Clitoral Sucker

LELO Sona Clitoral Sucker

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Ready to discover a new dimension of pleasure? At EroticFeel we present you the Lelo Sona, a clitoral stimulator that, unlike the rest of conventional sex toys, doesn’t use vibrations but sonic waves as pulsations instead. This means a revolution in the world of female masturbation. Thanks to this new technology, the Lelo Sona will stimulate your entire clitoris and not just the external part that we can see and touch. Since it’s hidden, sometimes we forget that the clitoris is a bigger organ with countless nerve endings, all them intended exclusively to give you pleasure. So, why don't stimulate it as it deserves?

How to use the Lelo Sona clitoral sucker?

Before you start to play with your clitoral sucker, you should know that the device has been locked for transportation. So don't panic if it doesn't follow your commands. To unlock it, simply press the buttons “+” and “-” for 5 seconds. Now it’s the time, press the “+” button and your Lelo Sona will turn on. If you don't like the standard power of the suction, you can increase the intensity by pressing the “+” button or reduce it with the help of the button “-”.

You may be wondering why there is a third button, if all the basic functions can work without any other additional element. Well, the button "( )”  allows you to change the mode of the pulsations. If you dare to press it, you can enjoy up to 8 types of different sensations. To end this exciting adventure, press the button “-” and your Lelo Sona will turn off.

The Lelo Sona will be at your entire disposition for a maximum of one hour. When battery is running low, the LED indicator will emit a blinking white light. Bear in mind that it is charged via USB in approximately two hours. Besides, this means that your Lelo Sona clitoral sucker is a completely waterproof device. Therefore, you can use it under the shower or in your bath whenever you want, and its cleaning is very simple. Mild soap and warm water will be enough to keep your toy clean. It is made of ABS and skin-friendly silicone.

Finally, from EroticFeel we want to give you a last recommendation to make unforgettable every experience with Lelo Sona. Before each use, moisturise your body, apply lube at the opening of the stimulator and enjoy each and every one of the sonic waves.

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