LELO Enigma Deep Rose

LELO Enigma Clitoral Sucker and G-Spot Stimulator

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Auta i lóme. Aurë entuluva. Almien! Anar kaluva tielyanna. Merin sa haryalye alasse. Forgive us for resorting to Elvish but it's the only language that can describe how we feel about LELO's newest gem. Yes, girlfriend, we've tried it, and now we don't know whether to tell you about it or take some time off work to really make the most of it. It's true that the journey so far hasn't been bad; other toys have brought smiles to our faces and helped us fall asleep at night. Some have even rocked us to the sound of a lullaby. But this... This is not of this world.

It's the Sona's more powerful sibling that will stimulate every single part of your clitoris to ecstasy. Combine that with a soft and extremely flexible internal massager that reaches deep inside your vagina — you'll experience pleasure you never thought possible. But the technology with which Enigma has been equipped really takes the cake — sonic waves and gentle pulsations that accelerate at the same dizzying pace as your arousal. The luxury brand speaks of two combined orgasms, but we believe it's more like a thousand — a powerful Big Bang that triggers the pleasure and desire. What's the risk? Like everything that's exciting, the danger is getting hooked. But it's definitely a risk worth taking.

Made from high-quality, medical-grade silicone that is extremely soft to the touch, LELO Enigma is rechargeable and totally waterproof. Use it safely in the shower or bathtub — it's much quieter than you'd expect from such a powerful toy. To properly explore its eight different vibration patterns, you'll need considerably more than one session. Start setting aside time for Enigma.

How does the new LELO Enigma work?

LELO recommend charging it for two hours before use. Apply a good water-based lubricant and introduce the insertable arm into your vagina while the suction head rests on your clitoris. Remember that it will stimulate your clitoris without direct contact — skillfully surrounding it and massaging with sonic waves. The time has come. As you can see, Enigma only has three buttons. Press the "+" button for a couple of seconds to turn it on and press it again when you want to increase the intensity of stimulation. The "–", as you may have guessed, is used for doing the opposite; press it when you want to take a breath and reduce the power of the vibrations. To explore the 8 vibration patterns, press the () button each time you want. But don't rush, take your time and enjoy each mode. Once you've finished, long-press the () button again for a couple of seconds and Enigma will shut down until your next meeting.

Clean it properly after each use. Neutral soap and plenty of lukewarm water is sufficient, but you can also use a special sex toy disinfectant.

Main features of the LELO Enigma:

  • This state-of-the-art toy simultaneously stimulates your G-spot, the most sensitive areas of your vagina and your clitoris.
  • A powerful, all-in-one clit sucker and internal stimulator.
  • Made of high-quality, medical-grade silicone.
  • Available in two colours: black and deep rose.
  • Very soft feel.
  • Featuring 8 different vibration patterns.
  • Very flexible and ergonomic — it adjusts perfectly to your body.
  • 100% waterproof.
  • Compatible with water-based lubricants (sample included).
  • Rechargeable (includes cable).
  • Size: 10 x 5 x 18.5 cm (3.9 x 1.9 x 7.3 inches).
  • Insertable length: 14 cm. (5.5 inches)
  • Battery life of 2 hours.
  • Weight: 196 g.

Ref.: 1701446


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