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Some playful little characters have arrived at our office singing a catchy little ditty: “Oval-shaped " They seemed so sweet! Of course, we've kept them, and the only way to verify their claims was to test them out for ourselves. And, guess what? They were telling the truth! Not a single complaint from us! So, we feel it’s our moral duty to introduce them to you. They call themselves Eggcited and they're the new masturbator eggs from Satisfyer!

The first thing you need to know is that there are six of them — but they're all different. Each has their own unique personality! Featuring different internal textures, they offer different sensations and levels of firmness. Choose gentler or more intense stimulation to suit your mood. Naturally, sometimes you fancy a soft snuggly stroke and other times — some rough, hard and powerful action! So, you can select from:

  • Eggcited Bubble: boasting rippling bubbles that will envelop you sweetly.
  • Eggcited Crunchy: packed with triangles of varying sizes that will stimulate you to the point of delirium.
  • Eggcited Riffle: featuring gentle waves that will tease you to orgasm.
  • Eggcited Naughty: packed with mischievous nubs that will heighten your pleasure with every rub.
  • Eggcited Fierce: boasting a geometrically structured texture for intense and fiery stimulation.
  • Eggcited Savage: featuring a series of different sized oval rings inside that will treat you to the wildest strokes.

Made of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) that is very soft to the touch and absolutely gentle on your skin; the material is 'hydro active', meaning that no lubricant is required. Just splash a little water inside to moisten and slide it down your penis for unbeatable masturbation!

How do you use them?

Using them couldn’t be more simple. Remove the plastic wrap from the dotted area around the shell of the masturbator egg and open it by gently squeezing in the centre. Remove the sleeve and pour a little water through the entry hole. Now, insert your penis into the sleeve and slide it up and down. Stimulate by using the rhythm and pressure you desire.

How many times can you use each Eggcited egg?

Essentially, these are single-use toys, as the material loses its firmness and the texture may deteriorate after the first use.

Main features of the Satisfyer Eggcited:

  • Satisfyer masturbator eggs.
  • There are six different kinds (Bubble, Crunchy, Riffle, Naughty, Fierce, Savage) and each one has a different internal texture.
  • Made of 100% body-safe thermoplastic elastomer.
  • Very soft feel.
  • They are 'hydro active', which means that no lube is needed — just a little water is enough to use the egg.
  • Flexible and stretchy — fit all penis sizes.
  • User-friendly manual operation — no motor and no vibration.
  • Small and discreet — perfect to take with you everywhere.

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