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Despite the huge range of condoms on the market today, flavourless and textureless classic or natural condoms remain the best-sellers. And Durex, the world's number one producers of condoms with over 80 years’ experience, offer us Durex Natural Comfort. These natural, latex rubber condoms are smooth, transparent and lubricated. They provide all the protection and comfort of the original Durex condom.

For those who want the condom to be so natural that it’s barely noticeable — Natural Comfort is the perfect choice. Thanks to its anatomical Easy-On shape, it's incredibly easy to put on. Don't compromise and go for quality. Pleasure and protection are no longer incompatible.

Specific characteristics of Durex Natural Comfort condoms:

  • Natural and sustainable latex rubber condoms.
  • Smooth, transparent and lubricated.
  • They combine pleasure with comfort thanks to their anatomical Easy-On shape.
  • Transparent, scent-free and flavourless.
  • They guarantee a perfect fit without feeling tight.
  • Greater flexibility for maximum pleasure.
  • Nominal width of 56 millimetres.

All Durex Natural Comfort condoms can be used with both water-based and silicone lubricant. However, take note — oil-based lubricant can damage the latex, making it more fragile and more likely to break. Avoid oils and prevent any nasty surprises! You should also know that if you plan an exciting, wet encounter under water, the risk of condom slippage increases. Although sea salt does not have an adverse effect on condoms, some of the products used in swimming pools, such as chlorine, could damage them. Also, if you are going to use Natural Comfort condoms for anal sex, apply water-based lube to avoid the risk of breakage or slippage.

Going natural is now easier with Durex Natural Comfort.

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