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They might not be able to ease your period pain, but menstrual cups do ensure the best intimate hygiene during your cycle. Not only do sanitary pads and tampons cost a (considerable) amount every month, they also generate a huge amount of waste and contain chemicals, pesticides and bleaches that alter your vaginal flora — often causing yeast infections. These are reasons enough for Satisfyer, after revolutionizing the world of female pleasure, to do the same for women's personal hygiene. The German brand knows that women are increasingly concerned about the well-being of both their bodies and the environment, and are looking for more gentle and sustainable solutions. The company has designed and produced three different models of menstrual cups, with each available in seven different colors: transparent, light blue, purple, orange, dark green, light green and dark blue. Introducing one of our favorites — the Satisfyer Feel Good menstrual cup.

Since the amount of flow varies for every woman and for each day of menstruation, the box contains two menstrual cups of different sizes: one of 15 ml and the other of 20 ml. Both are made of the highest-quality, 100% body-safe hypoallergenic medical silicone. They're soft to the touch, flexible and very easy to insert. Will you feel uncomfortable? No. They're suited to women of all ages and experience — for those who've never used a menstrual cup before and for those who have been using one for years. How do you insert it? Just fold it to insert it into your vagina; once inside, the cup unfolds and sits in place. It is also very easy to remove thanks to its removal stem.

Of course, wearing a menstrual cup does not prevent you from exercising or doing any other daily activity. How long can you wear it for? Depending on your flow, you can wear it for up to 12 hours at a time, but do not exceed this amount of time. After 12 hours, remove it to clean and reinsert it.

How do you clean your menstrual cup? Before using it for the first time, put it in boiling water for three minutes. During your period, simply wash it with soap and water or wipe it with a damp cloth. After menstruation, boil it again for three minutes and store it in the free Satisfyer storage pouch until your next cycle.

Features of the Satisfyer Feel Good menstrual cup:

  • Each package includes two menstrual cups — one 15 ml and one 20 ml.
  • Made of high-quality, medical-grade silicone.
  • 100% body-safe.
  • Soft and very flexible.
  • Available in seven colours: transparent, light blue, purple, orange, dark green, light green and deep blue.
  • Has a stem at the bottom for easy removal.
  • Unlike tampons, it won't alter the natural pH balance of your vagina.
  • Low-cost and healthy.
  • Lasts up to 15 years.
  • Depending on your flow, it may be worn up to 12 hours at a time.
  • To keep it clean, just wash it regularly with soap and water and boil it for a few minutes after each period.
  • You can go about your daily life as normal and wear it for any everyday activity.
  • It comes with a convenient storage bag, so you can take it with you anywhere.
  • Don't use it if you have broken or irritated skin.

The intimate hygiene revolution has arrived, are you in?

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