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Satisfyer Pro Penguin

Satisfyer Pro Penguin Clitoral Sucker

Ref.: 1700007

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Have you ever heard about the Satisfyer clitoral suckers and you don’t know where to begin? The world of the female masturbation is still unknown for you? Then, the Satisfyer Pro Penguin will become your best friend, because this is the perfect product for beginners.

Why would the Satisfyer Pro Penguin be the perfect product if you are starting on the wonderful world of the clitoral suckers?

  • First of all, it’s an intuitive product. Its mechanism is very simple: only two buttons. Anyway, don't worry, the instructions are included.
  • It has a slender shape that sits comfortably in your hand thanks to its ergonomic contours.
  • It has an excellent insulation, which protects the interior from water, lubricant, or other liquids.
  • It is much quieter in use than comparable products on the market. It is ideal if you share a flat.
  • This Satisfyer has a fun and original design: before you there is a penguin with tailcoat and bow tie, the perfect companion for all celebrations.

If this is your first experience on the Satisfyer world, it is possible you may have seen different models. At EroticFeel we only sell the model listed as ‘Next Generation’. This is the improved and updated version. It has quieter motors, a softer start and less dazzling lights. The appearance of the Satisfyer Pro Penguin has also improved: its look is more luxurious and refined, compared to its predecessor. However, the most important improvement of this ‘Next Generation’ product can be found at the head: its fitting and attachment are more secure than the previous versions.

To enjoy your Satisfyer Pro Penguin, place the head over the clitoris before turning it on, spreading the labia slightly apart. Next, turn on the toy and remember to turn it off before removing it.

Like the rest of the Satisfyer clitoral suckers, the Pro Penguin has a waterproof design, so you can achieve a more intense pulsation by using it in the shower or the bath. The head is made of skin-friendly silicone and it has 11 pressure wave settings, don’t limit your pleasure to a suction mode only.