The skin is the body’s biggest erogenous zone. It gives us pleasure when we caress it, rub it, or massage it. It gives us goosebumps when we fall in love and it gets hot when we're turned on. Caring for it is key to our well-being. We’ll explain how to do so.

It gives us pleasure when we caress it , rub it or massage it. It gives us goosebumps when we fall in love and it gets hot when we're turned on. The skin is the body’s biggest erogenous zone. It protects us against external agents and it suffers when we treat it badly. Caring for it is key to our well-being and to maintain the balance of our organism. . We must keep in mind that each area is different. Soft tickles on your back don't feel the same as those on the soles of your feet. We don't wash our hair with the same soap we use for the rest of our body. This is all because each area has its own very distinct characteristics. The skin is very sensitive, not only to external factors, but also to internal changes in our hormones, metabolism and mood. If a good orgasm makes your skin glow — it's for a reason.

Caring for your skin

Although some areas of the body are more sensitive than others, skin care is essential for our physical and sexual health. Wash correctly and with the appropriate products, don't use soaps or creams that disrupt your body's pH balance and protect it from agents that can cause damage or irritation. It's so important that we take care of our skin, but for whatever reason — we don't always do so.

As you’ll already know, hair removal can be very harmful to the skin. After shaving, the area becomes more sensitive and its common for spots, redness, swelling and irritation to appear. At EroticFeel we have the ideal product to prevent this. Pjur has launched the Pjur Med After Shave for men and the After You Shave for women. Enriched with aloe vera and vitamin B5, Pjur Med After Shave soothes and softens skin in the underarms and intimate area after a shave. This product is alcohol and perfume-free. It has a neutral fragrance and doesn't sting or burn the skin.

Pjur Woman After You Shave for women contains aloe vera and panthenoll—moisturizing, healing, anti-inflammatory and regenerating ingredients. Alcohol and perfume-free, it doesn't string or burn your skin. Just apply after shaving and it’ll relieve all irritation.

Intimate care

The first rule concerning intimate hygiene is that less is more. The skin in the area of the genitals is one of the most sensitive in the body. It's important to avoid using perfumed soaps and lotions that can irritate the skin and go for neutral and gentle soaps that maintain the natural pH balance. Many women often suffer from vaginal discomfort as a consequence of itching and infections. This can be caused by improper care, inadequate hygiene, the use of tampons and pads; and even clothing that prevents the area from breathing — increasing dampness in this area.

Personal care for women

How do we take care of our skin? Sometimes we're not too sure. Pjur, one of the best brands for skin care, has launched a specific range of high quality lubricants. With natural ingredients and suitable for daily use, it’s perfect for the care of your most intimate area and to relieve the symptoms of vaginal dryness. One of the best is Pjur Med Premium Glide. Silicone-based, chemical-free, preservative-free and specifically formulated for particularly sensitive or dry mucous membranes. Ideal if you have neurodermatitis or allergies, this product is suitable for those with even the most intolerant skin.

Also silicone-based and with a highly concentrated formula enriched with jojoba oil, Pjur Med Soft Glideis designed to care for very dry and sensitive mucous membranes. With its nourishing and relaxing properties, it leaves the skin feeling soft and moisturised all day long. Suitable for all types of skin, Pjur Med Natural Glide is water-based and contains glicerine. It gently hydrates your skin leaving dry skin super-smooth, soft and protected.

If you suffer from irritation in your vaginal area, the best option for you is Pjur Med Repair Glide. It's a water-based lubricant with regenerative and hydrating hyaluronate that will provide you with intense and long-lasting moisture. For the most environmentally conscious, Pjur Med Vegan Glide contains exclusively vegan ingredients and is not tested on animals. Water-based, highly effective and chemical-free — it combats vaginal dryness and keeps your pH balanced.

Personal care for men

Women aren't the only ones that must pay more attention to their intimate area. The genital area of men is also sensitive and prone to infections. All the lubricants in the Pjur Med range are completely suitable for him and can be used on a daily basis. You’ll take care and pamper your skin, keeping it healthy, protected and hydrated. Don't neglect your favourite area!

By the way, all of Pjur's products can be used with latex condoms and sex toys. So take care of yourself and enjoy yourself to the fullest at the same time! What's stopping you?


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