Looking for the best lubricant? You know Satisfyer is a sure bet. Here you will find all the Satisfyer lubricants available in the market. Alone or with company, the lubricants from the German brand are perfect for achieving ultra-smooth penetrations and for use with sex toys. Highly durable, oil-free, and water-based, they can be used with any type of condom, do not harm materials, and also protect, care for, and hydrate your skin.

Satisfyer offers you three lubricants for three different sensations. With a stimulating cool effect for your hottest games, with a sensual warm effect that will accelerate orgasm, or absolutely neutral for a more realistic feeling and distraction-free pleasure – the difficult part will be choosing just one. Why choose? Each moment requires something special, and as you know, lubricant is a key element to enjoy sex more and better, it increases the sense of contact and enhances perceptions.

When was the last time you screamed with pleasure? Hopefully, the answer is "recently," but if not, here's the solution. Simple, right? So now turn up the music volume and pray that your neighbors don't hear you – enjoy!


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