Tenga Air-Tech Gentle

Tenga Air-Tech Gentle Masturbator

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In the world of masturbators, as in life, there are options for any taste. Tenga is aiming to conquer all those who search the absolute pleasure in the most natural way. That’s why, it has launched the Air-Tech Gentle. The internal texture of the sleeve or inner cavity is based on subtle ribbing. These spiral lines provide delicate sensations when massaging the glans. To reach perfection, the Japanese brand has provided the Gentle model with a standard strength. The central chamber combines narrow areas with larger ones to offer an exciting contrast.

In order to enjoy these subtle but pleasant sensations, you will have to remove the white and grey film that protects the Air-Tech Gentle. Once you have opened the cap of the product, you’ll find a sachet of lube. Make sure you apply it generously over the inlet hole and on the inside of the sleeve. Do not forget to remove the sticker that covers the upper hole of the case. In addition to enjoy a nice sensation of suction when covering and uncovering the hole, this will allow you to introduce the penis without problems.

The sleeve or inner cavity of the Air-Tech Gentle, being made of soft elastomer, adapts perfectly to the size of your penis. Tenga, however, has not chosen this material only for its great elasticity and flexibility. The elastomer is also hypoallergenic and antibacterial. That’s how the Air-Tech Gentle are suitable for several play sessions.

After each use, you will need to clean the product. It is a very simple process:

  • Remove, firstly, the sleeve from the case in polythene.
  • Turn it over and wash it with mild soap and cool or warm water.
  • Dry it with a towel.
  • Turn it over again to let it dry completely. It is important that the product is dry before storing it, otherwise it could be damaged.
  • Introduce it on the case, rotating it little by little.
  • Close the cap and store it in a dry, cool and dark place.

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