Accessories and Other Toys

In this section of EroticFeel, you’ll find accessories and other essential sex toys for a fun and active sex life. From the most entertaining erotic games,and the kinkiest swing sets; to sex toys for the shower and kits for couples. In this section, which we at EroticFeel have prepared for you — you’ll find everything you need to have a good time. Go for it!

The best erotic accessories

You’ve finally got the sex toy you’ve always wanted — that vibrator that everyone’s been taking about. What they might not have told you is that you must alsogive it the care and attention it thoroughly deserves (and as we know, nobody stands to gain more from this than you ).

So, at EroticFeel, we're going to make this crystal clear — looking after andkeeping your toy in mint condition also depends on you. This means that if you want to extend its lifespan as much as possible, and keep your favourite masturbator or vibrator performing at its best — you also have to spend time and money on maintenance. You’ll find the best selection of products for the care and maintenance of your adult toy at EroticFeel.

Nevertheless, when we're talking about adult accessories, we’re not only referring to specific care and cleaning products. The adult market also offers a series of products that will extend the lifespan of your sex toys — or even improve their performance. For example, in our erotc accessories section, you’ll find sex toy parts that will will prolong the lifespan of your adult product—or even equip it with new features! You’ll also find items like chargers or heaters for your favourite masturbator.

So, you say that you're not sure about the erotic accessories available at EroticFeel? Let us tell you all about them below!

What kind of adult accessories can you find at EroticFeel?

There’s a huge market when is comes to adult accessories and other toys. But let's make one thing clear — it's more cost-effective to buy a charger than a new vibrator—and here you have an infinite number of options available. Read on to find out more about all the erotic accessories we have available at EroticFeel!

  • Chargers for sex toys: the sex toy market is continually reinventing itself — with the discovery of different kinds of pleasures and in the application of new technologies. Dildos without any kind of electronic mechanism have had their day in the sun. Now the market offers potent vibrators and other products that base their stimulating power on the vibration, rotation and movement they provide. But also in the vibrator market, battery operated sex toys are becoming less common and are being replaced by USB devices that are charged just like mobile phones. Does that mean if you lose your cable or charger, you won't be able to enjoy your favourite sucker ever again? Not at all! This is precisely the great advantage of these adult accessories — you can keep using your favourite masturbator,, even without the original power source. What's more, these days you always need a travel bag prepared because you never know when the perfect plan might present itself, nor how much time you’ll have to get ready! Why not place an extra charger in your travel bag — so that you never miss out. (You're welcome to the tip!)
  • The availability of sex toy parts is absolutely essential for a range of adult toys. These adult accessories are the best buy if you want to prolong the life of your favourite masturbator or vibrator.. But, how is this even possible? Well, it's very simple! There are various sex toys on the adult toy market that are made with several different pieces. On the one hand, we have the main component, which is what gives its name to the sex toy — vibrator, masturbator, sucker, ring, etc. On the other hand, these products are made up of separate parts — which are just as important. Well, not just important but — absolutely essential! Do you think you could enjoy your favourite clitoris sucker without using a climax cap? Don't you think you could have even more fun with a masturbator like the Satisfyer Men One by getting yourself some extra sleeves?
  • Cleaning sex toys = absolutely crucial. The more and the better you clean your favourite sex toy, the longer it’ll last, and more importantly — the happier it will make you. That's why is so vital to clean your sex toys properly. At EroticFeel, you’ll find a special selection of toy cleaners in our accessories section. Is your toy made of latex? Perhaps it's made of solid silicone. Or is it mostly made of metal? We’ve got a specific product to clean each of your toys and replacement parts. We even have a power-based cleaning product — perfect for silicone sleeves or caps.
  • Sex toy accessories: Can you imagine a product that could give your masturbator a brand new type of stimulation? Don't imagine — this product really exists. A warmer for your masturbator is one of the best accessories you can buy. The reason for this is very simple. It gets you hot very, very quickly. It provides a warm, pleasant sensation for your penis when making contact with your masturbator — effectively simulating the feeling of a real vagina. And the best thing? Masturbator heaters are adult accessories that can be used several times!

All about taking care of your sex toys

At EroticFeel, we believe that investing in the maintenance of your sex toy is the best way to ensure that it stays in tip-top shape and performs better for longer. Therefore, the huge variety of sex toys we have available are accompanied by a large collection of accessories — ensuring that your toys stay in perfect health and always perform at their peak. If you want to clean it — we have the perfect product. You’ll have no trouble finding a replacement part at EroticFeel. Whenever we bring in a new sex toy, we always get in its replacement parts at the same time. If you need a heater for your masturbator, explore this section and find out what's available. Or if you don't want to run out of battery on your next trip — find your charger here.

At EroticFeel, we want your adult toys to make you happy for a long, long time.


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