Condoms for Oral Sex

Durex Taste Me
Durex Taste Me

The first thing you need to know is that all the condoms you'll find in our online sex shop are suitable for oral sex. And just in case you were wondering, even if you're only going to have oral sex and don't worry about an unwanted pregnancy, infections and diseases can also be transmitted through this practice. At EroticFeel, we always advocate for safe, but also fun sex, of course. That's why we present you in this section with the most suitable condoms for oral sex, condoms with different flavors that mask the taste and smell of latex. A piece of advice? Try them all.

Banana, strawberry, apple, orange, exquisite fruity flavors for a delightful experience. Moreover, flavored condoms are absolutely safe and undergo the same quality controls as standard condoms. Compatible with lubricants, comfortable and easy to put on, the only thing you need to remember is that if you've used the condom for oral sex, use a new one, and not the same one (please) for penetration.

Indulge yourself and enjoy the feast, it will leave you with a good taste in your mouth.


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