Sex Lube

Water-based or silicone-based. Neutral or Flavoured. Heating or Cooling Effect. Whether you're alone, with a partner or with your toys— we want you to enjoy the most passionate sexual experiences. That's why, at EroticFeel, we have such a huge selection of lubricants. Dare to make your sex life even more enjoyable (if that's possible)! Did you know how important lubrication really is when it comes to our sexual relationships? Enter now and browse our catalogue of the best sex lubricants.

What types of lubricants are there?

Lube: an essential item that has the power to completely transform your sex life — adding a level of intensity that you’ll never have experienced before. Let the lube be the kindling, and fan the flames of desire to produce fireworks in the bedroom. The world of lube is absolutely enormous. There are almost as many lubes as there are preferences when it comes to having sex. This is something we take very seriously in our online sex shop at EroticFeel —and that's why we have such a wide of lubricants available for you. Would you like to know the different types of lube that are available? Read on, and we’ll tell you all about them below.

  • Water-based lube: these are the classic lubricants par excellence. They can be used for pretty much everything and as they are absorbed by the body, they are also very easy to clean. You can use them with your favourite toys, as well as with condoms and they’ll cause no damage to the material!
  • Silicone lube: at EroticFeel we want you to enjoy shower or hottub sex. That's why you’ll find a collection of erotic lubricants that will make this a truly sublime experience . As there's no need to constantly reapply these lubricants, the only thing you’ll need to remember is to savour the extreme pleasure. Keep in mind, although they’re ideal for use with condoms, it's not recommended that you use them with your sex toys.
  • Neutral lubricants: take a bow before the most versatile of sex lubricants. Did you know that not only can they be used with condoms and sex toys, but they also serve as a moisturiser for your intimate areas? Take it wherever you go. Everything you need to satisfy your basic needs fits into one handy bottle.
  • Warming lube: if you want to turn up the heat a several notches during foreplay — look no further than our warming lubricants. You just need to rub it into your skin and feel the most pleasurable of sensations. What's more, by blowing gently on it — this feeling will just get more intense.
  • Cooling lube: enhancing your pleasure has never been easier. As soon as it makes contact with your skin, you’ll feel a pleasant tingling sensation. With the help of our cooling lubricants, you’ll have the most intense sexual experiences.
  • Anal lube: In our online adult store, you’ll find the best lube to have pain-free anal sex. As the anus doesn’t produce enough natural lubrication for comfortable anal sex, this lube is a truly essential item.
  • Edible lube: we know that you want to enjoy your partner to the maximum. Thanks to our edible lubricants, running your tongue along every single part of your partner’s body is an exquisitely sensual experience.
  • Male lube: your masturbator's closest ally. We have made a wide variety of men’s lubricants available for you. They all have very different properties—so you can chose the one that best suits your tastes.
  • Flavoured lube: enjoy the yummiest sex with the range of flavoured lubricants that you’ll find at EroticFeel. Strawberry, cherry...Choose how you want your partner to taste and savour every mouthful.
  • Massage lotions: how about a sensual massage before the action begins? We have a whole range of dual-function massage lotions available. First of all, you can delight your partner with a wonderful massage, before applying it to your intimate areas — as you would with any other lubricant.
  • Vaginal lubricants: vaginal dryness is a big problem when it comes to sexual relations. Sex is health and wellbeing. Fortunately, nowadays we don’t have to put up with a problem that has a million solutions. As many solutions as there are lubricants on the market!
  • Climax delay lube: lasting longer — a concern that has tormented billions of men (and their partners) since time began. Now you don't have to worry. There's a whole range of products that’ll help you to achieve this. At EroticFeel we have a wide range of lotions specifically designed to delay your orgasm — and prolong your pleasure. Go for it!
  • Organic lube: if you care about what you eat, how can you not care about what you apply to one of the most senstive areas of your body? Ecological lube is 100% natural and is subject to strict controls and international regulations. It's the best choice for maximizing pleasure in your relationship, and to combat vaginal dryness in the most natural way possible. 

How do you choose the perfect lube for you?

As we’ve already mentioned, there are a whole world of lubricants out there. That’s why we believe its important to know the type of lubricant that best meets your needs. If you're practising vaginal sex and using a condom in the bedroom, on the sofa — or even on the kitchen table, then look no further than our selection of water-based lubricants . However, if you’re looking for new experiences like anal sex or you want to try out some underwater love — we recommend our catalogue of anal and silicone-based lubricants. For oral sex, why not take a look at our selection of edible and flavoured lube? If you're a woman and you're down for a little solo-play, make room for a neutral lube in your handbag. On the other hand, if you're a man and you want to spend some quality time with your favourite masturbator, we recommend that you purchase one of our special male lubricants. Lastly, for a slow and sexy massage; or some sensual, intense and tingly foreplay — we assure you that our range of warming and cooling lubricants will really hit the target.

Some brands prefer to equip their lubricants with a screw cap, either to ensure maximum hygiene or prevent the fluid loss. Others have supplied their lubricant containers with dispenser pumps or with applicators, making it easier to dose and administer the product. Now you decide which of these options most takes your fancy. For us they’re all just as good as each other. It's simply a matter of taste.

So now you know everything there is to know about lube — what are you watching for? Go put this knowledge into practice and experience a whole new world of arousal, pleasure and satisfaction!


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