Erotic Massages

One of the best things you can do as a couple. The pleasure of real contact. No technology, no accessories, no paraphernalia . How much pleasure can two naked bodies give each other?

We imagine you've heard a lot about clitoral suckers lately. What's more, when you think of a sex shop, shelves of penis-shaped vibrators, huge strap-on dildos, handcuffs, pornography and even blow-up dolls might come to mind. But what if you’re not into that? Or you're looking for something a little different as well? What if you want to awaken your desire and you don't just want to confine yourself to the most intimate parts of the body? What if you don't just want a sucker that guarantees an orgasm in a few minutes. What if you want something more? Experience the pleasure of real contact—of touching another body, that someone touches yours, of enjoying the caresses. An erotic massage is one of the best things you can do as a couple. No technology, no accessories, no paraphernalia. Just two people and a product that makes it easy to fully explore each other's naked bodies. How much pleasure can two naked bodies give each other?

Buy products to give erotic massages at EroticFeel

Creams, gels and oils from world-renowned brands. At EroticFeel you’ll find everything you need for an erotic massage that’ll leave you trembling with desire. And how do you know which one to choose? It's a matter of taste, skin and texture. You must take into account factors such as the fluidity of the product on the skin, the scent, if it's edible or not (which is usually ideal for these types of massages), or if it has a warming effect on the skin. We’ll explain everything you can find in this section:

  • Massage creams: lotions specifically designed to facilitate caresses, moisturising the skin and promoting the relaxation of muscles and blood circulation. Creams to enhance the pleasure and intensity of orgasms, to increase the sensitivity of erogenous zones, and even to strengthen the vaginal muscles. Coconut, strawberry, mint, chocolate, a great variety of flavours and aromas to choose from. However, they all have something in common—they are made with natural ingredients and vegetable oils. Sugar free and paraben free. They are totally suitable for vegans.
  • Massage gels: A tingling warm sensation and much more intense orgasms. Here you’ll find luxury products made with premium ingredients to experience brand new sensations. Can you imagine a roll-on gel that stimulates your nipples? Or a gel to experience a Japanese body-to-body massage?
  • Massage oils: cherry, chocolate, strawberry and champagne, vanilla, spiced mint, raspberries, exotic fruits, café latté, caramel, coconut, green tea, maple syrup, or sweet almonds, Hard to choose, right? Well, there's more! Organic oils made with certified organic ingredients, warming effect oils, oils suitable for vegans—there are so many options. And the results? Discover for yourself. We're certain that they’ll be incredibly satisfying.

Products to give an erotic massage

What type of massage are you going to give? Will form part of the foreplay, will it lead on to the next stage, or will it have the honour of being part of the climatic sexual act. If you're sure about what you want the product for, it’ll be easy to choose. If we're talking about a little play to get the juices flowing—a warming effect oil that activates by blowing gently on the skin is perfect.

If you prefer starting out with other foreplay and then move on to a massage—it's a good idea to have stimulating gel like Nipple Play or Finger Play to hand. Are we talking about the crescendo of the sensual encounter? Then opt for Secret Garden, Rain of Love, or Dragon Sensitive by Shunga. Creams to increase sensitivity, to feel better and more intensely—for the most out-of-this-world climax.

How do you give the perfect erotic massage?

The key to an erotic massage is to pay special attention to all five senses. We can easily make the mistake of only associating massages with touch—but smell and taste are also especially important when it comes to sexual excitement. And sight? We suggest that you use a mask or blindfold to deprive your partner of it.

Don't leave anything to chance. Create the perfect mood—keeping in mind the temperature, the lighting and the music. Pour a small amount of cream on your hands and rub it in gently to warm it up. Now spread it on your partner's skin and let your hands begin their erotic journey. Apply adequate pressure and the right amount of delicacy at each moment as you explore your partner's body. Start with the head and slowly move down to the shoulders, back, abdomen, legs. Some advice? You hands are wonderful , but don't restrict yourself—use your breasts, your thighs... Your whole body is the best instrument.


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