Reusable Tenga Eggs


We would love to say yes, but reusable Tenga eggs don't exist (although there's always someone who tries, just in case). However, seeing the success of their flagship products, the Japanese company has designed new toys with the same texture as the famous eggs, but this time, yes, they are entirely reusable. So think, if you adore the texture of Tenga eggs and want to enjoy it in an erotic toy that allows for multiple uses, what you're looking for is the Tenga Spinner.

It's not just a reusable masturbator that's very easy to clean with warm water and mild soap, but it's based on a design that allows you to twist it around its axis, not just up and down. Its different textures will provoke mind-blowing sensations. As always, Tenga has created different models, in this case, three, to enhance pleasure and make your choice more challenging. Each of the three types has different diameters, shapes, and firmnesses. Which one will you choose?


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