We know you enjoy anal sex, but we also know you need a little boost to make it easier and more comfortable. What could be better than a good dilating lubricant to make everything go smoothly? In this section, you will find the best dilating lubricants on the market, with higher silicone concentration for your wildest encounters, water-based ones to use with all your anal plugs and dildos without damaging the materials, relaxing ones... Don't hesitate, with them, everything will be much more enjoyable and pleasurable. Are you looking for a dilating lubricant for your anal sex practices? Here it is.

Specifically, Pjur's dilating lubricants, the renowned German brand with over 20 years of experience in manufacturing all kinds of lubricants, do not contain lidocaine or benzocaine. These two local anesthetics are very common in this type of products. However, both Back Door and Analyse Me! are free of them, which means you can use them regularly, daily, and without any harm to your body. They relax the area, promote tissue elasticity, have a very long-lasting effect, and slightly reduce sensitivity without numbing.

Apply your dilating lubricant to the anal area and massage it in for it to take effect, you'll feel the muscles relaxing. There's no need to rush here. Start by stimulating yourself with your fingers or a small anal plug to further promote dilation. Say goodbye to fears and prejudices and welcome a new era of limitless pleasure - here's your best ally.

Why buy a dilating lubricant?

Have you finally decided to explore the wonderful world of anal sex? It's about time! We hope not to seem intrusive, but... it was a bit challenging for you, wasn't it? No matter, it's never too late if happiness is involved, or so they say at least. In this section, you have at your disposal the best dilating lubricants on the market. Take a look, find yours, and start enjoying anal stimulation.

Reasons to buy a dilating lubricant? There are plenty of them, you'll see. You probably already know that the anus doesn't naturally lubricate like the vagina, which makes using a good lubricant essential if you want to enjoy a completely comfortable and pleasurable penetration. But not just any lubricant, if it's your first times, you probably need to resort to dilating lubricants. They will help you relax the muscles of the anus and promote dilation, in other words, they'll make your life much easier. Only then can you truly enjoy a pleasurable and pain-free experience.

Don't skimp when getting a dilating lubricant, you'll thank yourself for it.


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