Stimulants and Sexual Enhancers

Don't think of potent little blue pills or miraculous oriental herbs. Instead, think of clitoral balms that have a warming effect and cold-effect gels that stimulate your nipples. Think of aphrodisiac oils that boost your desire and mouth sprays that will make your mouth water when giving oral pleasure. If imagination is to sex what the wind is to a saxophone, these products will help you blow even harder.

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They say that an image, a memory, a fantasy, a song and even a smell can suddenly awaken your sexual desire. Something that you hadn’t anticipated. Like on that Sunday when you don't even feel like taking off your pyjamas and decide to settle down on the couch and hibernate the whole day. Excitement? Not much, really—more like tiredness and a little boredom. After spending two hours choosing the movie or series you're going to see, you finally make up your mind. And there it is — a scene that takes you out of your slumber and arouses your bodily sensations. You notice these changes. Your heart rate and your blood pressure goes up, a tingle goes up your legs and the blood flows to your genitals — you can't do anything to avoid it. The attraction grows and the caresses become more intense. The tedium has evaporated—desire has given you a helping hand.

Don't think of potent little blue pills or miraculous oriental herbs. We’d like to introduce you to a selection of completely safe and affordable products designed specifically to enhance your desire, to increase your sensitivity to kisses and caresses, and intensify the sensations you feel when another mouth runs down your body. If imagination (as someone said) is to sex what the wind is to a saxophone — these oils, gels, balms, edible powders and sprays will help you to blow harder than ever. . Guaranteed.

The best sexual enhancers

For years now, they’ve been the undisputed kings of sexual enhancers. Aphrodisiac oils are unrivalled when it comes increasing your partner’s excitement — inch by inch. Leave your inhibitions at the door because our scented, warming-effect aphrodisiac oils will allow you and your partner(s) to explore each other's bodies with such slippery ease. Alternate the pressure and rhythm, and let yourself be soaked by its slick texture and fragrance. Remember— set the mood and don't hurry.

The term erotic makeup may sound a little unfamiliar to you. However, for truly out-of-this-world oral sex, we’re sure you wouldn't mind familiarising yourself with our special range of lip glosses and lip balms. How about our dry oil with scent of coconut? Used to highlight your most intimate parts — it’ll guide your partner to where you want attention most. On those voracious days when you just can't seem to satisfy your roaring appetite, sprinkle our edible powders over your partner's body and simply devour whatever is put in front of you. Do you want to make it even more exciting? Cover your partner's eyes with a blindfold and begin the feast.

And now for one of our favourite mini-sections — male and female sexual stimulators. Which ones are we talking about? Well, the most prestigious brands have taken up the challenge and used all their ingenuity to offer us some true delicacies. A cooling-effect gel to stimulate your nipples, a spray designed to increase production of saliva during oral sex, or a whole dedicated collection of balms to help you break into heaven through your clitoris.

What stimulants can be used to increase sexual desire?

Worries, routine, work, stress — there are lots of things that can diminish your sexual desire. But one of the most common is a lack of stimulus. In order to relax, to be happier, to reduce our levels of anxiety—there's nothing better than sex. Although it may seem like a cliché, putting a little more eroticism in your life won't hurt you — and neither will trying new and exciting things. What if you start alone? Finger Play by Bijoux Indiscrets has the perfect texture to massage your vulva or your penis. Spread a little on your finger tips and caress, slide, press, penetrate and explore without limits. Masturbation, contrary to what many people think, is not only perfect for getting to know ourselves better, it also increases (and greatly increases) our sexual desire.

Increase your libido with our sexual enhancers

Dim the lights and turn up the heat.. Soft music, candles and heat-effect oils on the bedside table. You've set the mood. Say goodbye to your clothes. Spread the oil generously over your partner's body and remember that her skin is the largest erogenous organ in the body — wake it up!. Touch and words are the perfect ways to ignite your partner's libido.

Now highlight the route that must be taken by marking her breasts, buttocks, or genitals with our coconut flavoured Intimate Shimmer dry oill by Bijoux The pace is completely down to you. The route should have a fixed stop at her nipples. Apply here a little Nipple Play with cold-effect gel and don't forget that it’s transferable. All you have to do is kiss her nipples first and then explore to your heart's desire. What about the genitals? Let's be honest, oral sex is one of the most anticipated and satisfying moments. To make it even better, (if that's even possible) use mouth-watering, saliva producing spray or lip balm, which reduces friction and increases resistance. We guarantee that your libido will be up in the clouds.

How can I improve my sexual relations by using stimulants?

Stimulants make your life more enjoyable, more pleasurable — more exciting. They will enhance your feelings of pleasure and elevate your desire. Different textures (gels, balms, oils) to stimulate different areas during different activities. Our advice? Try them all and you’ll never get bored. Sex is pleasure, so experience it in all its forms.

What products can you find in this category?

  • Erotic makeup: balms, lip glosses and illuminating oils. This isn't just makeup, it’s erotic makeup. Edible, with thermal or vibrating effects — it has incredibly potent aphrodisiac effects.
  • Edible powders: delicious edible powders to spread and lick. Turn her body into a canvas and give yourself up to the pleasure of touching and tasting. Choose your flavour and enjoy!
  • Afrodisiac oils: aphrodisiac oils help awaken your sexual appetite, stimulate your senses and enhance your sexual experience. With these aphrodisiac oils with thermal effect, the temperature of your skin and your bedroom will rise straight away.
  • Sexual stimulants: Can you imagine a balm with warming effect that increases the sensitivity of your clitoris and enhances the intensity of your orgasms? Well, you don't have to imagine any longer.
  • Male stimulatns: for anal sex, for oral sex, for the most pleasurable caresses. Everything you were looking for is here.


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