Erotic Baths

The series 'Friends' taught us many things; among these things is that an erotic bath can turn out to be a wonderful experience or a complete disaster! It all depends on how you prepare. At EroticFeel we have all the products you need to make bathtime a truly sensual occasion. Come with us and find out — pleasure is assured.

The series 'Friends' taught us many things: that you shouldn't count with ‘Mississippis’ at a tanning salon, that leather pants might not be such a great idea; that the Holiday Armadillo, Superman and Santa Claus make a great trio; and that baths with your partner can be the most erotic and relaxing experiences if you prepare them properly. If the fragrance isn't appropriate, the water isn't hot enough or the crystals don't dissolve properly — the experience can go from sensual to disastrous in a moment (yes, even if you have a little boat!) So we're going to explain to you step by step how to prepare a bath that will take you both to Cloud 9.

The best products for erotic baths

At EroticFeel we have all the products you need to make your bathtub a paradise. Bath salts from the Dead Sea, delicious edible gels and the star product —Lovebath salts by Shunga. Pour these premium salts into the hot water and watch them transform into thousands of delicate pearls that will turn into a silky, aromatic gel with a light texture and gentle aroma. Choose from three seductive fragrances (Ocean Temptation, Dragon Fruits and Sensual Lotus) and indulge your senses.

We promise that they're the perfect aphrodisiacs and stimulate your sight, smell, touch and taste. What's more, Shunga Lovebath salts exfoliate and moisturise the skin, leaving it soft, silky and perfumed. If you have to choose, of course, this is your product.

What do I need to take an erotic shower with my partner?

Let's make a distinction — an erotic shower is not the same as an erotic bath — especially considering the kind of products you need. Bath salts and Shunga Lovebath are ideal for erotic baths but they're of little use if you want to take a shower with your partner. Being soaked from above while getting intimate with your partner is a different kind of sensual experience.

For a romantic shower, your best bet is the edible shower gel by Shunga. Squeeze, spread, rub, lick, eat. Perfect even for the most delicate skin types, with this gel you’ll be able to enjoy the most delicious and limitless fun until you’re both completely satisfied. Don't let anything keep you from taking a mouthful when and where you feel like it.

How do you prepare an erotic bubble bath?

As we promised at the beginning of this text, we're going to explain step by step how to prepare a bath that will take you to the seventh heaven — let's go! The mood is just as important as the products that you use. Pamper every one of your senses. Dim the lights, light the candles (always in a safe place where they won't get wet nor give yourself a fright) and put on some soft music — you know, some that you both like and gets you relaxed (but not that sends you to sleep — avoid lullabies) and awaken the desire.

Nobody wants to take off their clothes at zero degrees, soboth the room and water temperature needs to be pleasant. What's more, the water must be warm enough for the salts to dissolve and give off their fragrance.

Now pour Lovebath salts into the bathtub, watch them turn into water-filled pearls giving way to a light and soft gel with a seductive colour. The bath is ready —what happens next, is up to you.

What products can you find in our erotic baths section?

  • Bath salts: Turn off your phone, play soft music, turn up the thermostat, get undressed and get into a bathtub full of hot water and aromatic aphrodisiac salts. In this section you’ll find the very best ones. Made entirely with salt from the Dead Sea, you can choose from different scents and colours to prepare a relaxing and erotic bath that will leave your skin exfoliated, moisturised and smelling wonderful.
  • Shower gels: cherries, mints, exotic fruits, choose your favourite flavour and savour it under the water. At EroticFeel you’ll find edible soaps enriched with vitamin E and made from sesame, sweet almond, safflower, grape seed and avocado essential oils. With powerful aphrodisiac and relaxing effects, they moisturise, nourish and soften the skin; and (to be completely honest) they're a lot of fun!


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