We could resort to clichés and remind you that everything you have will stay here. What do you need money for if not to spend it? One day is one day, and we all deserve a treat, but we won't go for the easy route. One can be moderate in many things; there's no need to eat caviar and lobster daily or go to buy bread in a diamond suit with several gold chains hanging around your neck (although if you do, please send us a photo because we would love to see it). It's more about knowing what's worth it, valuing things in their right measure. That's why we've created this series with the best and most expensive vibrators on the market. Erotic toys crafted with the most delicate and resilient materials, equipped with the most exciting powers. Beautiful and elegant designs that could perfectly decorate your home but will do something even more interesting: bless you with thousands of joys and orgasms for the rest of your life. Is there anything uglier than being stingy with one's own happiness?

Because yes, pleasure should be obligatory, and scrimping on what provides it should be forbidden.


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