If John Lennon said that the Beatles were more famous than Jesus Christ, we can assert that Satisfyer suction toys are now more celebrated than Sabrina Salerno's breast, at least the early models. Because the Satisfyer 1, 2, Pro 2, and Pro 2 Vibration have been so successful that they have almost overshadowed the release of the new models. To get up to date on pleasure, we have prepared this section where you will find all Satisfyer clitoral suction toys to date.

Suction toys and rabbit vibrators all in one, small and discreet suction toys designed especially for travel, more powerful, sophisticated, and fun suction toys, suction toys so cute you'll want to display them on the bedside table, suction toys that also incorporate vibration, and even luxury suction toys for the trendiest.

The popular German brand has democratized female pleasure and presented it to us on a platter. The secret, my friends, was in the clitoris, and of course, in knowing how to treat it. Delicacy, design, and the latest technology, you have never tried anything like it. Take a look, discover, compare, and choose yours. Good times are ahead.


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