We’ll Keep Working COVID-19

We weren’t just going to leave you all alone at a time like this, were we? These are strange and uncertain times, but we must find opportunities for pleasure—more than ever, we’d say. So, take refuge at home (is there anywhere better?) and let us pamper you. Food, drink and…plentiful orgasms—there are worse things, right? Get yourself to the safety of your home, and we'll take it from there.

In spite of COVID-19, at EroticFeel we’ll continue to work and provide support for all of your orders. So, we’re pleased to announce that while taking the necessary measures to ensure your safety and that of our employees, we’re open for business.

Although there may be some delays in deliveries due to the essential health measures being adopted, the arrival of your orders is absolutely guaranteed. Half of our staff are teleworking, warehouse staff are working in shifts and transport companies guaranteeing normal service. So, it’s pleasure as usual! We apologise in advance for any delays that may occur.

Do you need to breathe? At EroticFeel we’re working now and always to make sure you never miss out on life’s little pleasures.


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