Satisfyer Plugs Silicone 13.5 cm Black

Satisfyer Plugs Anal Plugs Silicone 13.5 cm Black

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Satisfyer, the famous German brand, makes its début in the anal training market with the Satisfyer Plugs anal plugs in black. This set contains three different structures, although all of them has something in common: they are the perfect way of enjoying anal stimulation. Do you want to join us?

Each one of these plugs has a unique texture and structure. Therefore, you can find a system of balls or a spiral design. The three of them have a soft touch and an increasing diameter, so that the insertion can be as natural and as exciting as possible.

Two of the plugs measure 13.5 cm while the length of the third is 14 cm. In all three cases, the insertion length is 8.3 cm and the maximum diameter of the circumferences is 2.8 cm. The three plugs have a support ring whose dimensions have been designed very carefully. On one side, the extraction is absolutely safe; and besides that, the thickness of the ring works as a safety stop in a way that the whole plug cannot be introduced in the anus.

Although with different forms, these Satisfyer Plugs are made of soft and skin-friendly silicone, with a smooth touch. They are very flexible, so don't think they have a rigid structure. Its body is malleable, with the ability to be twisted and manipulated if you need it. They are perfect to be used individually or with a partner, and each one of the three designs has been conceived for a different stage of the anal training. At an initial time, try to use the one with three spheres, it is perfect for beginners. The plug with two balls should be the next step on your training, followed by the one with a spiral form.

Bear in mind that if you want to use toys for anal stimulation, you should use some kind of lube. The anus doesn’t have natural lubrication, and that’s why the use of these products is almost essential. But remember that lubes for anal stimulation need to be water-based so that the silicone of the plug won’t be damaged. Moreover, they are very easy to clean!

Thanks to the Satisfyer Plugs in black and the up and down movement, you can enjoy each centimetre of your anal plug, with an intensity that you won't be able to forget.