Satisfyer Plugs Silicone 13.5 cm Colour

Satisfyer Plugs Anal Plugs Silicone 13.5 cm Colour

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Because anal sex can also be fun, Satisfyer offers us this amazing set of anal plugs with unique colours! Warm tones, in violet, to present the Satisfyer Plugs anal plugs, each one with a funnier shape and texture.

The dimensions of the three plugs are similar: one of them measures 14 cm and the other two remaining, 13.5 cm. The three of them have an insertion length of 8.3 cm and they have an increasing diameter (of 2.8 cm in its widest point) to offer a calm and pleasant anal stimulation. In all three cases, the end is very small, which makes them perfect to start your anal training.

How to train with the coloured Satisfyer Plugs?

The insertion length is the same, but that does not make them 100% similar. Let us tell you how to use them if this is the first time you acquire a set of anal plugs. We suggest you start your training with the one with three balls. Next, use the plug with two balls. Its size is the same, but the part that is introduced in the anus is a bit bigger. Lastly, it is the turn for the one with a spiral shape. We guarantee you that the up and down movement of each plug will make you enjoy indescribable sensations.

The Satisfyer Plugs coloured anal plugs are made of skin-friendly silicone, which makes them absolutely soft, with a silky touch. Given that the anus does not have natural lubrication, we suggest you use lube if you are going to try the Satisfyer Plugs. Remember that this lube has to be water-based, not silicone-based, since this material can cause problems in the surface of these toys.

The three plugs have a practical support ring, that makes the extraction easier and safer. Besides, the thickness of this ring also works as a safety stop, preventing the whole plug to be introduced in the anus. For this reason, they are perfect for individual use and for couples.

Thanks to the high-quality silicone they are made of, they are very flexible, suiting all your needs. Additionally, they are very easy to clean and its silky touch makes them the perfect anal toy for beginners in anal stimulation. What are you waiting for to enjoy the Satisfyer Plugs coloured anal plugs?