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If you are one of those who believes that Satisfyer only has products for women, we are sorry to say you are wrong. And, to prove it, we present you one of the most incredible masturbators in use today: the Satisfyer Men.

What is special about the Satisfyer Men for you?

The publicity of this masturbator leaves no doubt. The popular porn actor Rocco Siffredi appears as an attraction for the brand, saying that this product has given him the best orgasm of his life. Apart from exaggerations, what is clear is that the stimulation offered by the Satisfyer Men male masturbator is unique on the market.

The reason? An exclusive technology based on pressure pumps, which adapts to every penis size. For that, the Satisfyer Men has a sporty and futuristic design, with the shape of a bullet, and a sleeve made with a material called Cyberskin. But let’s take it one step at a time. We want you to perfectly understand how this extraordinary masturbator works.  

The Satisfyer Men has two distinct parts:

  • A rigid part, where the base of the mechanism of the Satisfyer Men is. On the outside, a masturbator; on the inside, a mechanism with two silicone areas for air retention. What is the importance of these two areas? When using your Satisfyer, you can squeeze the two cushions on the surface, making these two areas of air retention inflate. You will experiment the direct consequence on your penis, since the inner channel of the Satisfyer Men will become narrower. This means that you can choose the level of pressure you prefer when masturbating. If you think you have put too much pressure, the Satisfyer Men has a little round button that, pressed, will make your masturbator turn to its initial state. To sum up, this rigid part has a novel pump which, thanks to its two buttons, regulates the internal pressure to obtain the desired narrowness. You will be the one to control its intensity and your desire.
  • A sleeve of silicone: we could say that this sleeve of silicone is the direct responsible for giving you pleasure, since this part of the Satisfyer will be in direct contact with your penis. You will enjoy a smooth and ultra pleasure texture, thanks to the material used on the sleeve, called Cyberskin. It is very similar to human skin, on the texture and the temperature. Besides, the stimulation it offers is halfway through vaginal and oral sex. We inform you that the sleeve you’ll find on your Satisfyer Men is the Classic Sleeve, which is the one included on the Satisfyer Men masturbator by default, but we want you to know that there are more models (and at EroticFeel we have them all).

Cleaning your Satisfyer Men is absolutely easy. Remove the sleeve from the Satisfyer Men, turn it over and wash it with water and mild soap. Let it dry and do not put it back until it is completely dry. Once it is, insert the lock for a clean and hygienic conservation. If you want an optimal maintenance, use the Satisfyer Men Renewing Powder, that ensures a perfect preservation of the sleeve and prevents it from becoming sticky.

When using your Satisfyer Men, from EroticFeel we recommend the use of a water-based lube, on the base of the masturbator and on your penis. If during the process of masturbation you feel you are experimenting an excessive friction, you should apply more lube (the whole tunnel needs to be lubricated).

Do you want a trick? Remove the sleeve and immerse it in hot water. Wait until your sleeve has achieved the perfect temperature and enjoy an even more pleasant masturbation. But do not forget to rinse the sleeve before using it.

In summary, a technology based on a novel pump that allows you to personalise the stimulation during masturbation. Increase the feeling of realism thanks to the pressure regulator and the material of the sleeve and enjoy incredibly intense orgasms.