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Tenga Flip Hole White

Tenga Flip Hole Masturbator White

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Discover the new concept of masturbation created by Tenga.

The Japanese brand has incorporated the Flip technology on its new series of products in order to delight its consumers. The Flip Hole White is the first of this type of masturbators. Among its many advantages, the Flip Hole White is characterised by a complex design of the inner structure. In fact, it is more complex than any other conventional masturbator, which makes it even more stimulating. Moreover, since it can be folded and unfolded, its cleaning, drying and lubrication will be easier. This guarantees a higher hygiene.

As we have already mentioned, the inner texture of the sleeve made of thermoplastic elastomer has intricate and soft details. Being a foldable product, each side has different details. One of the sides of the Flip Hole White has little spheres and waves. The other is formed by two walls of big ridges with staggered edges. The end orb will entirely surround the glands. With an insertion depth of 15 cm and an insertion width of 4.5 cm, the Flip Hole White is the masturbator with the narrowest fit of all the Flip Hole.

Do you know how to use your Tenga Flip Hole White?

  • First of all, you need to remove the sliding cap of the body made of polycarbonate (PC).
  • Now, unfold your masturbator.
  • Once open, apply plenty of water-based lube on all the details of the inner structure.
  • Close the masturbator.
  • Place the sliding cap to prevent it from opening. Start with the opposite side of the insertion hole.
  • Introduce the penis and... enjoy!
  • You can control the level and location of the stimulation thanks to the panel with three buttons situated in the elastomer. The central button serves to increase the air on the inside, and with that the vacuum sensation; the bottom one offers you a feeling of constriction during penetration; lastly, the upper button increases the pressure at the tip of the penis.

Since it is a reusable masturbator, it is very important to keep it in good conditions. For that, after each use, you should remove the sliding cap, unfold your Flip Hole White and clean it with warm water and mild soap. Once it is clean, you should let it dry. The sliding cap can be used as a support. Place it opened over it. When it is completely dry, close it and store it in a dry, cool and dark place.

Are you ready to travel to the future of masturbation?