PicoBong by LELO

A new brand of ice-cream? A new type of Pokémon? Well, it could be, but it's not! This is LELO's sister brand. It has all the quality that that you would expect from the Swedish company — but with a more fun and funky style. Vibrators, external stimulators, male masturbators — toys that seem to be made for the summer.

A new brand of ice-cream? Sweets? Or a new type of Pokémon? Well, it could be, but it's not! This is LELO's sister brand — it has all the quality that that you would expect from the Swedish company — but with a more fun and funky style. Colour is everywhere — turquoises blues, purples, fuchsias.These are toys that seem to be made for the summer: for those warm, humid nights of mojitos and laughter; for mornings when you wake up with that bright light peeping through your curtains, for the endless afternoons until the sun sets on a glowing orange sky, for walks under the stars and the smell of freshly cut grass. There's no doubt about it — these toys are designed for pure pleasure.

What distinguishes these adult toys by PicoBong?

We've already mentioned that they're colourful, but they also incorporate high-end design and powerful motors that provide you with the most intense vibrations. All PicoBong sex toys are made of high quality biocompatible, hypoallergenic silicone. This is the most hygienic and body-friendly material available on the market. It's ideal for people with sensitive skin or who are prone to infections. Their delicate, rounded designs comfortably adapt to the curves of your body and they're incredibly easy to use. There are no complicated mechanisms and a clean, embedded interface with just three buttons: +, –, and M. Press “+” to turn on and off, “M” changes the settings and “–” changes the intensity of the vibrations.

It uses AAA batteries or it can be recharged via USB. All PicoBong toys have another common feature — they're fully waterproof to a depth of 1 metre. You can enjoy them in the shower, in the bathtub, in the pool or in the jacuzzi without fear of damaging the material or the motors. And they're silent of course! An important quality bearing in mind that it's hard to get excited if your vibrator sounds like a tunnelling machine.

What types of toys do PicoBong have?

Stimulators for men and women, vibrators, external massagers, anal plugs, rampant rabbits, G-spot vibrators, cock rings or male masturbators.They've have such a wide range of items that’ll allow you to the reach the stars alone or with a partner. They'll help you to both increase and prolong your pleasure. Your orgasms will be pushed to the limit, and you'll discover each and every one of your erogenous zones.

PicoBong has also designed scented candles with aromas that are as spicy as chili with chocolate, as refreshing as apple and cinnamon, or as sweet as vanilla and coconut. Candles that gently illuminate, seduce, and transform into erotic massage oils to rub all over your lover's body.

Vibrations controlled through your mobile

Teledidonics — the use of remote controlled toys to stimulate and be stimulated is one of the most common fantasies among men and women of all ages. The prospect of having an orgasm or giving your partner an orgasm in a public place is the ultimate erotic wish for many people. Some of the toys created by PicoBong, such as the Remoji Surfer (a vibrating butt plug), the Remoji Lifeguard (a vibrating cock ring) or the Remoji Blowhole (a male masturbator for the glans) are equipped with the very latest in technology and work with a free mobile phone app. It has a range of 12 meters, which is more than enough for you and your partner to enjoy the hottest and most exciting outdoor orgasmic experiences. From now on it’ll be even harder to separate yourself from your mobile phone.

If you’re looking for a beautiful, safe and extremely effective toy — PicoBong is your brand and EroticFeel your place.


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