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Satisfyer Yoni Power 2

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Empower your yoni with the new Satisfyer training kit. Let us answer your questions: '''yoni''' is Sanskrit for vulva, (considered a sacred place and gateway to the cosmic mysteries), and we are talking about the Yoni Power 2. These three vaginal balls of varying sizes and weights are designed to strengthen your pelvic floor and achieve longer-lasting and more intense orgasms. Could you wish for anything more?

Made from hypoallergenic, soft-touch medical silicone, the Yoni Power 2 is oval shaped. It has a ribbed texture for stimulation during use, and a pull-out ring for easy and comfortable removal. As mentioned above, the three different sizes and weights are ideal for a complete workout. From smallest to largest: 2 cm and 22 grams, 2.5 cm and 46 grams, and 3 cm and 74 grams.

Why should you use Satisfyer Power Yoni 2 Kegel balls?

  • Because they will help you to strengthen your pelvic floor.
  • They will help prevent urine leaks.
  • They will enhance the natural lubrication of your vagina.
  • They will help to ease the symptoms of the menopause.
  • They will improve the quality and intensity of your orgasms?
  • They will increase your sexual desire.

How to use Satisfyer Power Yoni 2 Kegel balls?

In this case, unlike with other Kegel balls, it’s best to start with the largest ball (the easiest to hold). 15 minutes a day will be enough to feel the benefits. Apply some water-based lubricant and insert it into your vagina as if it were a tampon. As your training progresses, switch from the 3 cm ball to the 2.5 cm ball and finally to the 2 cm ball. The stronger your vaginal muscles are, the easier it will be to hold the small ball.

Main features of the Satisfyer Power Yoni 2:

  • Set of three Kegell balls for training and strengthening the pelvic floor.
  • Different weights and sizes: 3 cm and 74 grams, 2.5 cm and 46 grams, and 2 cm and 22 grams.
  • Made of hypoallergenic, medical-grade silicone
  • Extra soft to the touch.
  • Ribbed texture.
  • Oval shaped.
  • With pull ring for easy removal.
  • Available in three colours: black, blue and green.
  • Perfect for beginners.

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