Leg Avenue

Welcome to a whole new world full of sensuality, fantasy and fun. Leg Avenue puts sexy and sophisticated female underwear within your reach — with fashionable garments that show off your curves making you look and feel out-of-this-world. Raise the temperature of your sexual encounters with their babydolls, lingerie sets and bodystockings. Open the doors to a universe in which lace, tulle, and fishnet are used to arouse and seduce.

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You're sexy and you know it. You're sexy in jeans and a t-shirt. You're even sexy in those comfortable knickers that you've owned for years. You just are. Leg Avenue, the prestigious lingerie brand, knows it. Their motto is that “all of us, at one time or another, imagine ourselves leaving reality and entering a world of fantasy". That’s why we watch films, read books and we like scary stories. Who would you like to be tonight? Kim Bassinger dancing in her nightdress in ‘9 1⁄2 Weeks’? Princess Leia in her golden bikini? A sweet Lolita in pigtails? A stunning dominatrix? Or do you want to be simply ravishing? Your wishes are our commands.

Leave your old panties in the drawers for now and remember, “Music hath charms to soothe the savage beasts”— but sexy lingerie will certainly wake them from their slumber! That's where we can help out. So, stop wearing your underwear as if it were merely a protective barrier between your clothes and your skin — and let Leg Avenue light up your imagination. Wearing the right underwear can be just as alluring as wearing nothing at all. Shall we prove it?

More than 5000 designs for women of all kinds

Leg Avenue was born in Los Angeles as a small family company that sold tights and stockings. Their product range grew to include a huge array of lingerie with original, modern and sensual designs. Today the Leg Avenue collection is made up of over 5000 original pieces — all with different and unique styles. Babydolls, lingerie sets, catsuits, dresses, tops or costumes that are sold all over the world. At EroticFeel you can find a huge selection of the brand's very best erotic apparel.

Plurality is the secret behind the success of a brand that from the very beginning knew that every woman is unique. If variety is the spice of life, then Leg Avenue has something hot for everyone. Diverse designs, sizes and styles. Far from the clichés of the typical ‘perfect’ model bodies, the company knows that reality is much more diverse than most fashion brands perceive it to be.

The first thing you must ask yourself is — what is eroticism for you? Do you already now? Well, don't let anyone tell you what you should or shouldn't like — the options are endless. Browse our catalogue, use your imagination and enjoy making your or your partner's fantasies become reality.


This sensual, short and low-cut nightdress that became popular in the mid-twentieth century. It's usually worn with a matching a pair of sexy panties and has never gone out of fashion. As other erotic garments have faded into obscurity with the passing of time, the babydoll has adapted to changing fashions and is now available in a huge range of different colours and fabrics. It is still the number 1 choice for women who want to add extra spice to their sensual encounters. As is often the case with the most successful products, nobody can agree about its origin. According to many Americans, the scarcity of fabric during the Second World War led to New York fashion designer Silvia Pedlar launching a line of shorter nightdresses to the market. However, Pedlar herself emphatically rejected this version of events. The acclaimed designer insisted that the low-cut design of the babydoll wasn't merely a result of wartime shortages. It was a conscious effort on her part to provide the men coming back from the front with the warmest welcome back possible.

Nevertheless, for francophones, the babydoll was the brainchild of designer Nancy Mecher. It’s known in French as the ‘nuisette’ and is more gallic than the baguette. Whatever its origins, one thing is crystal clear. Like countless number of times before, cinema was the key to launching this garment into the public consciousness. Once branded unseemly, it was the film Baby Doll (1956) that launched this little, erotically-charged nightie into stardom.

From the silk and satin of the first designs, to the lace, tule and transparent numbers that have become authentic weapons of seduction. They're always a good choice and Leg Avenue have the most elegant, sensual and fun designs. Choose yours. It’ll work like a dream.


Become the most seductive gift-wrapped surprise with our bodystockings. This sexy one-piece gives all sexual encounters an exhilarating edge and has only gained in popularity in recent years. The fishnet design enhances the curves of your body and will awaken the desire in even the sleepiest of giants. Short or long, in different colours, in a grid or spider-web pattern — the options are endless. Wrap yourself up in one and prepare for an unforgettable experience.

Lingerie Sets

We’re sure that you have quite a few old clothes in your wardrobe that you put on when you don’t know what to wear. You know — those jeans that still highlight your best features and that t-shirt that you never fail to look good in. So, why don't you do the same with your underwear? Answers like “because no one's going to see it anyway” or “I won't be wearing it for very long” are a bad start — and we won't accept them as valid responses! At Leg Avenue, they've created a whole collection of panties, thongs, tops, bras and onesies so you’ll be prepared for every occasion. Not to mention their stockings and suspenders — are a lingerie classic that definitely shouldn't be missing from your wardrobe. Would you go to a wedding in a tracksuit? Then why not give the same importance to your intimate encounters? Feel sexy and powerful — and leave the light on. You’ll want your partner to see every inch of you in your sexy outfit.


Who needs central heating? Save on your heating bills and raise the room temperature with a sexy dress designed by Leg Avenue. Elegant, suggestive and provocative — you won't believe how sexy you’ll look. Lace, fishnet, tulle, latex, leather, see-through — countless ways to surprise your partner over and over again. Boredom is the libido's worst enemy. Remember — we also communicate through what we wear. What would you like to communicate tonight?

Tights, stockings, suspenders and leggings

Legs are undoubtedly a potent feature of eroticism and the female kind (surprise, surprise!) have been considered a taboo throughout history and in different cultures. In Victorian England it was considered improper to even mention the word ‘leg’ in conversation (how obscene!) — heaven knows what they would have made of the miniskirt! The truth is that there are few things as alluring as a pair of shapely pins — and tights, stockings and suspenders can do a marvellous job in highlighting and boost this seductive body part. Fishnet stockings have been the main protagonist in millions of sexual fantasies. Why not make yours become reality? Desire, mystery, provocation — breaking out of the monotony has never been easier.


Yes, if you were wondering, Leg Avenue also do costumes! Although their strong point is how they make a woman look at her seductive best, they have expanded their catalogue and now have a little for everyone — and for all tastes. Would you like to be an adorable forest fairy, a powerful and sexy pirate, a burlesque dancer or an 80s disco-pop diva? There are few things that can help you lose all inhibitions as much as becoming another person! Power play, role play... Who do you want to be tonight?

Plus sizes

We’re all sexy and we can be even sexier. Size shouldn't be a limitation, fashion collections should be a reflection of what's out there on the street — open to all types of beauty. However, most of the time, diversity is conspicuous by its absence and what's shown is pure marketing to sell an image of attractiveness that has nothing to do with reality. Leg Avenue is different. 

For women of all shapes and sizes. Babydolls, sexy dresses, sensual lingerie sets, stockings, tights, bodystockings, costumes...everything you could ever wish for. Surprise your partner, feel powerful and free the goddess you have inside. The only limit is your imagination. Browse the catalogue and choose. Your partner will be lost for words — and so will you. Sexy lingerie without size restrictions exists. Find out for yourself!


Yes, we understand. Flannel pyjamas on those cold winter nights are simply wonderful. But why can't you be comfortable as well as sexy? Raise the temperature in another way... Leg Avenue has a huge collection of pyjamas that bring together the highest-quality materials and the best designs to enhance your figure—and make you feel simply wonderful. We’re all for comfort — but without giving up boldness and sophistication. If you care about what you wear to go out, you should care about what your wear in the bedroom. The bedroom is the scene for our most exciting adventures, make sure you're ready for them. Don't be caught off guard. Nightdresses, t-shirt and panty sets, different colours and fabrics — a whole world of choice. You’ll never want to get out of bed!

Leave behind the shame and the prejudices of the past — flaunt your sexiness loudly and proudly! Take control and dress your sensuality with the very best designs. Leg Avenue is here to make it easy for you. Why not be who you want to be? Or even a different person every night? The lingerie we choose for each occasion defines our mood, our perception of ourselves and even our self-esteem. You decide what to show, what to hide or what you'd like to be left to the imagination.


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