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Lora DiCarlo

A spark of genius has revolutionised the market for women's erotic toys. A glorious range of cult products with their own waiting list could not be missing at EroticFeel. We exclusively bring you Lora DiCarlo.

Roll out the red carpet please because EroticFeel EXCLUSIVELY brings you Lora DiCarlo. Like seeing Halley's Comet, finding a four-leaf clover, dropping your toast on the side that isn't buttered, or getting up without a hangover after drinking a bottle of wine — things that only happen once in a lifetime (with luck) and only a fortunate few manage to see.

Let's see — so, what must a product have to drive the masses crazy? At EroticFeel, we have a policy not to use the word 'revolution' in vain. However, we’re not using these words lightly when we say that this company has created something truly revolutionary. This is not only because it is run by women and entirely focussed on improving women’s sexual well-being everywhere. It also managed to win a prestigious robotics innovation award from the Consumer Technology Association, and all of its products combine irresistible aesthetics with first-class usability. It’s no coincidence that there’s already a long list of women eager to sample these delights. In an already crowded market, a spark of genius can change everything. Yes, female sex toys were already on the rise and you might already have a toy. However, there were also mobile phones and computers before Steve Jobs turned the way we relate to technology upside down with iPhones and iPads.

These real objects of desire have been developed in collaboration with Oregon State University's Robotics and Engineering Department after exhaustive studies into the female anatomy and physiology. Designed with incredible attention to detail, Osé 2, Baci, Onda, Filare, and Carezza will take your sexual well-being to the next level.

Just as there is the perfect kiss, the perfect day or the most beautiful song in the world — there's also an orgasm that feels like magic; a marvel, a miracle. If a hummingbird moves its wings 4,000 times in one second — is anything impossible? Not for us.