Tenga Egg Hard Boiled Pack

Egg Box with Tenga Egg Hard Boiled Pack

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Is there something better than an egg with a surprise on the inside? Yes, six eggs with a surprise on the inside. This is exactly what you will find at the Tenga Egg Hard Boiled Pack, that is, an egg box with six masturbator eggs, in particular, the ones from the Strong series of Tenga. These six eggs offer a stronger and more vigorous stimulation, each one with a different texture.

If you want to use one of the Tenga Eggs masturbator eggs that this egg box contains, you need to remove the wrapping, open the eggshell and pull out the egg. If you look closely, on the inside you’ll find a sachet of lubricant. We recommend you apply it on the inside of the egg and on the inlet hole, for a complete and absolutely pleasant masturbation. Remember that the Tenga Eggs masturbator eggs are made of elastomer, an elastic and flexible material that perfectly fits the penis. Last but not least, remember that all Tenga Eggs are masturbators for a single use.

Below, you have all the eggs that the Tenga Egg Hard Boiled Pack egg box contains

Tenga Egg Thunder masturbator egg

The Tenga Egg Thunder is one of the most peculiar eggs of the series.

It is formed by a system of textures in zig-zag that provide strong and thunderous sensations.

Tenga Egg Crater masturbator egg

The Tenga Egg Crater has a texture based on several craters arranged along the entire egg.

These craters, in different sizes, are symmetrically distributed, which makes the stimulation come from all angles. Are you ready for the impact?

Tenga Egg Misty masturbator egg

Without a doubt, one of the most stimulating masturbator eggs.

For that, the Tenga Egg Misty is provided with a system of microscopic textures. They are distributed all over the egg, offering an omnidirectional pleasure.

Tenga Egg Cloudy masturbator egg

The Tenga Egg Cloudy is the hardest and most rigid egg of all the series, but it continues to adapt perfectly to the penis, thanks to the elastic material it is made of.

Its structured is inspired by a maze of lines that reminds of the clouds.

Tenga Egg Shiny masturbator egg

The Tenga Egg Shiny is a masturbator egg with a structure that will surprise you.

It is based on a system with irregular channels that are masterfully arranged, providing a funny and fluctuating pleasure.

Tenga Egg Surfer masturbator egg

The Tenga Egg Surfer obtains its great power of stimulation thanks to a complex and irregular system of waves along with a texture of small spheres with the shape of drops.

It provides a sinuous and waving stimulation.