Tenga Double Hole Cup

Tenga Double Hole Cup Masturbator

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Do you want to try the sweet side of the bitterness? Or maybe you want to taste the bitter side of the sweetness? Tenga offers you the Double Hole Cup masturbator so you can enjoy both options with a simple twist of wrist.

The two holes of the Double Hole Cup are, due to hygienic reasons, completely independent between them. Each one has an insertion depth of approximately 15 cm and a width of 4.5 cm. Both sides have an inner cavity made of thermoplastic elastomer with a texture based on inverted protuberances. This allows a smooth entry and guarantees an intense stimulation upon retreat. The bitter side offers a firmer and narrower sensation; while the sweet side will make you enjoy a softer stimulation, since it is wider and less rigid.

If the Cup series is familiar to you, you’d probably know the “Smooth Pad” mechanism. The Tenga Double Hole Cup masturbator is provided with a pad that automatically retains and spreads the lube as you insert. What does it mean? That you don’t have to worry about buying any other additional product. You just need to remove the film and decide with which side you want to start first.

The Double Hole Cup masturbator is conceived for a single use. Once you have enjoyed both its sweetness and its bitterness, you need to dispose of it. Tenga recommends to not ejaculate outside the product or use a condom. With this you won't extend the life of the product, and you won't be enjoying the product either.

And remember… always look on the sweet (or bitter) side of life!