Tenga Egg Lotion

Tenga Egg Lotion Lube

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If you are a Tenga user, you will know that the sexual experience improves with a bit of lubrication on many of its sex toys. Now, Tenga offers you this original water-based lube so you can enjoy its great technology and innovation, on lubrication too.

We know that its appearance won’t leave you indifferent. In fact, it is very similar to an egg, the real one and the already famous Tenga Eggs masturbator eggs. In other words, its size is very little, but it can be easily transported. In addition to that, the support has a straight base, which will prevent the lube from falling, despite its round shape.

The lube dispenser is hygienic and its seal is hermetic. It has a cap with a safety lock, so you can pour the desired amount without over spilling or dripping. On the inside, you’ll find a lube with a gelatinous texture, which is also very pleasant. It will delight your funniest games. The Tenga Egg Lotion lube can be used with all the Tenga Eggs masturbator eggs, but that’s not the only thing. Since they are water-based, it is suitable with all sex toys, because this type of lubes does not damage these products. Therefore, you can use it with any other sex toy, it doesn't matter if it’s from the Japanese brand (like the Flip or the Air-Tech) or from any other brand, and also alone. It is the perfect lube for any situation where you need an extra of water-based lubrication.

The volume of this Tenga Egg Lotion lube is 65 ml.   Besides, it does not contain any colourants or odours, so you will enjoy a natural effect, without the feeling of a sticky product. Its ingredients are water, glycerine, hydroxyethylcellulose, methylparaben and sodium polyacrylate. Its cleaning process is also easy. You only need to use soap and warm water and you can remove it without problems.

If you want your Tenga Egg Lotion lube to last as much as possible, we are going to give you some tips: store it at room temperature, away from direct sunlight. Please avoid storing the product in high temperatures or humidity and keep it away from direct sunlight. Enjoy!