The sexual revolution can be experienced alone or as a couple. Don't believe us? It all starts with being open to experimenting, getting to know yourself, and buying the right sex toy! Whoever said that three's a crowd has never heard of the Satisfyer Partner range. Toys created by a German company (which is already a guarantee of pleasure) to enjoy together. Seven designs that will turn your sexual encounters into a fireworks festival. Keep the air conditioning remote handy because things are about to get hot. Learn about and buy all the Satisfyer Partner products on the market here, make sure you have enough supplies, and take some time off work, as you won't want to leave the house for a while.

In the bathtub, the jacuzzi, or the bed, the U-shape of the Satisfyer Partner promises explosive climaxes. Place the head over the clitoris and insert the other end into the vagina to stimulate the G-spot. The tightness for the man during penetration will be incredible.

The fun Satisfyer Partner Whale in the shape of a whale, the Satisfyer Double Classic that will maximize stimulation of each of your erogenous zones, or the powerful, ergonomic, and thicker Satisfyer Partner Plus. Let your imagination run wild.

Satisfyer Partner Plus Remote: To put it simply, this couple's vibrator has all the best features of the Partner Plus but with a remote control. It stimulates the clitoris, the female G-spot, and the penis. Now, the tricky part comes, who will be in control of the remote?

Satisfyer Partner Multifun 1: Nipples, clitoris, G-spot, perineum, testicles - the options of the Multifun are endless. During penetration or foreplay, it will stimulate you wherever you want at any moment.

Satisfyer Partner Multifun 2: Three motors and a hundred different stimulation possibilities. The best thing about the Multifun is its versatility. It excites each of your erogenous zones (and theirs), use it on top, bottom, inside, outside, wherever you fancy. You'll know what simultaneous orgasms are!

Satisfyer Partner Multifun 3: For everyone and everything. As a couple vulva to vulva, penis to vulva, alone, stimulate your nipples, clitoris, vagina, combine anal with vaginal stimulation - what do you feel like playing today?

Never let sex become boring because it's magical and exciting. Dare to try!

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Whoever said three was a crowd hadn't heard of the Satisfyer Partner series. These toys have been created by the German company to maximise the pleasure you experience with your partner. Seven designs that will turn your sexual encounters into festivals of pure pleasure.

At your Online  Sex Shop EroticFeel, we take special care of the packaging to ensure that the experience is a pleasurable one starting from the moment you receive your product. It will be securely and carefully wrapped in accordance with our firm policy of total discretion. Your order will arrive in a completely neutral box — with no logos or text that could be used to identify either our shop or the product inside. Neither the transport company, nor the postman, nor your neighbour will be able to tell what’s inside the parcel or where it came from.


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