Satisfyer Double Plus Remote Vibrator for Couples

Satisfyer Double Plus Remote Vibrator for Couples

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The Satisfyer Double Plus Remote is a vibrator for couples that will amaze you. How so? Because it has the best of the Satisfyer Double Plus — now with a remote control.

Let us explain step by step: the Satisfyer Double series is characterized by its "U" shape and, out of all of them, Satisfyer Double Plus Remote is the the most symmetrical. It guarantees greater stimulation of the woman's G-spot and the man's penis.

The Satisfyer Double Plus Remote has two motors designed to provide the most comprehensive pleasure for couples to enjoy. To use it, simply place the wider end over the woman's clitoris, which features a special button. Turn on your Satisfyer Double Plus Remote by pressing it for 2-3 seconds. What now? How can you change and enjoy each of the 10 speeds that it provides? You'll have to use the remote control that comes with the Satisfyer Double Plus. Remember that, once turned on, level 1 will be activated. From then on, you can insert the vibrator into your vagina and start feeling the pleasure in both of these areas. And he can join in the fun whenever you wish — with a little gentle penetration.

Moreover, the end inside the vagina also stimulates the man by providing a tighter fit for penetration — so that he will enjoy much more intense sensations as well. All this will happen while the woman experiences dual continuous pleasure in her G-spot and clitoris.  

The Satisfyer Plus Remote is made of medical silicone and adapts itself perfectly to the shape of the vagina. Besides, the remote control can be the perfect stimulus for all kinds of couple play. Have you decided who's going to be in charge yet? Although this vibrator is designed for couples, she can use it as a vibrator during foreplay — as he decides how much pleasure to give her.

As is customary with the popular German brand, this stimulator is incredibly easy to clean and water resistant — multiplying the opportunities you'll have to enjoy it. It's charged with a magnetic USB cable. Moreover, remember that Satisfyer products get along very well with water-based lubricants. Use lube to enhance the already great gliding capabilities of this product thanks to its medical silicone coating.

Remember that good hygiene is also essential this type of product, and you can wash it with soap and water.

Stimulation of the clitoris, the G-spot and the penis in one single product. This comes accompanied with a control which you can use to regulate the different intensities. What more can a couple wish for?

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The Satisfyer Double Plus Remote is a vibrator for couples that comes with a remote control. It has 10 vibrating gears and a more symmetrical design, ensuring greater stimulation of her G-spot and his penis.

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