Aphrodisiac Oils

Apply a few drops of any of these aphrodisiac oils to your partner's neck, back, arms and buttocks. Caress, then blow to activate the warming effect and massage. Stop at every curve, every corner; reach every nook and cranny — discover every hiding place.

It's said that Cleopatra would illuminate those famous nights on her boat with candles scented with Bulgarian rose oil — the most potent aphrodisiac of all flowers. If Cleopatra had lived today, aphrodisiac oils would have filled half of her palace with these god-given, lust-inducing essences. Today anyone can buy the best oils from the best brands, made with the highest-quality natural ingredients. All this without having to send an entourage to the Balkan foothills to pick the flowers first thing in the morning!

Some say that the best aphrodisiac is your imagination, and we don't doubt that. However, we won't turn down a little help either. You know what they say — it's the little things that count. Break the monotony, heighten your desire, delay your orgasms. Enjoy each other's bodies. Stop at every curve, every corner; reach every nook and cranny — discover every hiding place. With these warming effect aphrodisiac oils, the temperature of your skin and your bedroom will rise immediately.

Regain your lost libido? Bring back the spark? Surprise your partner? Our sense of smell, which is so often overlooked, has a significant influence on sexual attraction. Don't let the desire wane.

What are aphrodisiac oils?

They've been the ultimate desire enhancers for years — so why not give them a try? Whether applied to the skin or as aromatherapy, they have become part of the sexual ritual for countless couples. Aphrodisiac oils help to awaken the sexual appetite, stimulate our senses and enhance the experience.

Apply a few drops to the neck of your partner, their back, their arms, their buttocks; caress and massage. It’ll be your perfect ally. Not only do they make sliding easier, stimulate blood circulation and hydrate the skin, they also increase body temperature and boost the desire for you to reach paradise together.

The oils you'll find at EroticFeel are made with natural, vegan ingredients and suitable for the most intimate areas of your body. They intensify sensations with a mild aroma and smooth texture.

Reviews of aphrodisiac oils

When choosing an aphrodisiac oil, always take into account its origin. You should be familiar with both the ingredients it contains and the laboratory or brand that produces it. It's also important to be clear about how you'll use it. Take into account factors such as whether or not it's edible, whether or not it's compatible with latex condoms and erotic toys, and whether it's sugar-free (to prevent altering the delicate pH balance in your intimate area and avoid yeast infections).

Buy aphrodisiac oils at EroticFeel

You'll find the best essential oils in our online sex shop — why do we say so? Because Shunga is a pioneer and a leader in the world of erotic cosmetics. Its oils are trusted by millions of consumers all over the world, and as you know — the customer is always right. This brand's oils are some of the very best available on the market. The Canadian brand is inspired by the sensuality and freedom found in the erotic art of 16th, 17th and 18th century Japan. They succeed in creating products that satisfy all the senses.

Their flavoured oils (cherry, chocolate, strawberry sparkling wine, vanilla, sensual mint, raspberries, exotic fruit, creamy lattè, caramel, coconut, and organic green tea) intensify the sensations of pleasure thanks to their arousing aroma, their smooth and slippery texture, and their pleasant warming effect. Want some advice? Apply a few drops on your partner's body, activate its warming effect by blowing gently and enjoy like crazy!


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