Anal beads, also known as Thai beads, are the perfect toy to start enjoying anal sex. Whether you are male or female, the anal area, often forgotten, is one of the most erogenous zones of the body with thousands of nerve endings. So why not start enjoying it as it deserves? Anal beads, thanks to their structure based on a series of balls linked together that gradually increase in size, are ideal for slowly dilating the anus and discovering new sensations, not only when inserting them, but also when slowly removing them thanks to their retrieval ring.

Made of hypoallergenic silicone completely safe for the body, available in different colors, shapes, and sizes, the most important thing is that they have a stopper or retrieval ring, absolutely necessary to play safely without fear of the toy getting lost in the intestines.

Remember to properly lubricate the anal area and massage without haste. This toy can be used as a complement in your couple relationships or for solo enjoyment, there are no rules here. Are you ready to try them? Here you will find all the anal beads available on the market. Choose yours and let the party begin.


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