Bullet Vibrators with Remote Control

What is a remote-controlled vibrating bullet?

Remote-controlled vibrating bullets are a sexual toy for women whose main stimulation is vibration. Remote-controlled vibrating bullets are highly versatile, allowing you to stimulate the vaginal lips, vagina, G-spot, clitoris, or any other erogenous zone that brings you pleasure. Everything you need in a toy is in your remote-controlled vibrating bullet!

Remote-controlled vibrating bullets are perfect for use alone or with a partner, in public or in private, it all depends on where, how, when, and with whom you use them. Can you imagine having an orgasm in the middle of a Christmas dinner? We know it's risky, but we assure you that the pleasure you'll experience will make it worthwhile.

By the way! We imagine it's not necessary to remind you, but just in case someone forgets... These vibrating bullets have a remote control so you can control them (or have someone else control them) through it. Orgasms from a distance, without anyone touching you, sounds good, doesn't it?

Why buy remote-controlled vibrating bullets?

Revitalize your sex life, enhance masturbation, break the routine, boost your sex life with a partner... There are many reasons that can lead you to get a remote-controlled vibrating bullet, each person has their own needs... But for us, two reasons predominate over the rest.

The first one, the possibility of someone else masturbating you without even touching you. It seems impossible, doesn't it? Well, it's not, with remote-controlled vibrating bullets, it's possible. You just have to place the vibrating bullet in the area you want to stimulate, hand the remote to your partner (or friend with benefits), and let them have control over your pleasure and masturbation.

The other, and no less important, the possibility of masturbating in public. Okay, maybe it's not entirely correct, but sex is daring, you can't fall into monotony, as they say, "renew or die." Has sex with your partner not been going well for a while? Don't worry. Organize a dinner with your partner, put the vibrating bullet where you want, and give the remote to your partner. From that moment on, everything that happens under your underwear will depend solely and exclusively on your partner.

Vibrating bullets are daring and exciting; when you try them, you'll know what a real night of sex (with or without company) is like. Need more reasons to try them?


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