Erotic Christmas

These days, new born babies aren’t delivered by elegant storks when springtime is in full bloom. They’re now much more likely to come as a result of a party featuring mince pies, copious amounts of mulled wine and plenty of Yuletide passion.  Although May was the most popular month to be born back in the ‘80s  (probably due to those steamy summer holiday nights) — but September and October are now the months that bring the most little bundles of joy.

Let orgasms help you celebrate the festive season

New born babies are no longer delivered by huge, elegant storks when springtime is in full bloom. They’re more likely to arrive on a sleigh from Lapland or as a result of a party featuring mince pies and copious amounts of mulled wine. May was the most popular month to be born back in the '80s — probably due to those steamy summer holiday nights. However, according to statistics, September and October are now by far the most popular months when it comes to the arrival of new bundles of joy. Well, that could mean two things; either summertime has been definitively superseded by Christmas or sperm does a better job of putting up with the cold these days. People may have more sex during the summer months, but the heat has a negative effect on sperm quality. What's more, today's sperm is said to be already of a lower quality compared to decades ago (this is what the experts say — we don't go around testing men's sperm!).

In any case, the festive season has a stimulating affect on the libido . Why is that? Science assures us that it's thanks to the perfect combination of more free time, more foods that get us in the mood, more alcohol, more social gatherings and an improved self-image. As simple as that. However, data also indicates a notable increase in the use of antidepressants during Yuletide — so choose what you want to believe. The fact is that at this time of year, we make ourselves beautiful, we feel greater affection for those around us (perhaps intoxicated by those feel-good Christmas movies where Santa always saves the day), and we fill up on egg-nog and stuff ourselves with chocolate (two potent aphrodisiacs by the way). Maybe its the alcohol that makes us more amorous (and more forgetful with the contraceptives). It could even be those corny Christmas cracker jokes that help to unleash the passion we hold inside.

Well, whether you find those jokes absolutely hilarious or incredibly annoying, the best thing you can do is to try to enjoy them. And if you can’t, well — you can always enjoy the sex. We don't want to sound frivolous, but is it even possible to not feel merry while experiencing an explosive and uncontrollable orgasm? Exactly. We can't guarantee that a game of Christmas charades will fill you with Christmas cheer, but we promise that a good sex toy will make you happier than if you'd seen Father Christmas himself coming down the chimney with a huge sack (by the way, this image may seem endearing, but imagine a fat, old man sneaking into your house at three in the morning... If we had the choice, we'd prefer an orgasm!).

Whether you like it or not, you'll have to give a gift this Christmas — to your partner, your sister, your friend, to a colleague for the Secret Santa at work, or to yourself because you've been so good this year! Don't give it too much thought because there is something that we all — EVERY ONE OF US — would like. How about a clitoral sucker for that friend who always sends you the most hysterical memes and a rampant rabbit vibrator for the one who knows all episodes of Sex and the City off by heart? Why not a textured masturbator for that guy-friend who never stops complaining that he'll never experience the joys of a clit-sucker, a butt plug for the one who's always looking for new experiences, and a set of erotic oils and creams for that couple who need to add a little spark to their sex life?

Forget about socks, gift cards and ties — this Christmas give orgasms and forget about Santa because he never gets it right!

Christmas gift ideas this festive season

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