Climax Delay Condoms

Climax delay condoms are the perfect choice if you want to have safe sex and longer-lasting sex. What's the best thing about this type of condom? That both of you will benefit from its advantages. On the one hand, by delaying his ejaculation, the man will experience a more intense orgasm when it arrives. On the other hand, his partner will be able to enjoy longer-lasting sex. Get into the perfect rhythm with EroticFeel's climax delay condoms! Enter now to browse our entire catalogue of climax delay condoms and make your sex life last longer.

How long would you like the pleasure of a good sexual encounter to last? The longer, the better, right? Yes, we know — silly question! Give a mouse a button that when pressed makes it orgasm — and it will starve to death. Do you want to prolong your pleasure during your intimate encounters? Do you want to be more in-synch with your partner's rhythm and reach climax at the same time? Or do you want to avoid ejaculating too early? Well, we have the solution: Climax-delay condoms. Condoms have long since stopped being mere barriers to unwanted pregnancy and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. Of course, that's what has made them the greatest safe sex product ever created. But they're now also capable of bringing a whole lot more fun to your sexual experiences. The great brands have demonstrated all their ingenuity to bring you condoms of different textures, flavours, colours, sizes and thicknesses. Now, you can buy ones that are specifically designed to help you last longer in bed and prolong the pleasure.

Would you like sex to last longer? Enter EroticFeel's online sex shop now to browse our entire catalogue of climax delay condoms.. So, what are you waiting for?

The best condoms for delaying ejaculation

  • Durex Extended Pleasure condoms

    Durex Extended Pleasure condoms come with Performa lubricant, which contains 5% benzocaine — the key ingredient used to slow down male ejaculation. Made of natural rubber, they're smooth, transparent and have a nominal width of 56 millimetres. These condoms are for you if you want longer-lasting sexual pleasure. They come with a reservoir tip, and their Easy-On design makes them easier to put on than ordinary condoms.

  • Durex Mutual Clímax condoms

    These climax-delay condoms are specially designed to adapt to your natural rhythms — speeding up her climax and slowing down his. Made of natural rubber latex, it owes its powers to its lubricant which contains 5% benzocaine and helps to delay ejaculation. Instead of being smooth like regular condoms, Mutual Climax come with a dotted and ribbed texture for her stimulation. This added friction on the genitals provides more pleasure and allows her to climax more quickly. They're transparent, have a nominal width of 56 millimetres and feature Durex's Easy-On design. These condoms will help you enjoy one of the most intense experiences of your life.

Are climax delay condoms reliable?

Climax delay condoms are perfectly safe and undergo the same quality control tests as standard condoms. All condoms come with lubricant which serves to reduce friction on the condom and prevent breakages. In the case of climax-delay condoms, this lubricant contains benzocaine, which helps to slow down ejaculation. This means that after use, it's recommended that you clean the genital area. Also, avoid contact with your eyes in case there are traces of lubricant on your hands. This type of condom is not recommended if either partner has inflamed or cracked skin in the genital area.

Climax delay condoms are just as effective as regular ones in preventing unwanted pregnancies and protecting you against sexually transmitted diseases.

How long do these condoms delay ejaculation for?

The length of your sexual encounter will not only depend on your climax delay condom. They will undoubtedly delay ejaculation, but the time-period will vary from one person to another and from one encounter to the next. The most important thing is not to become obsessed with lasting longer and enjoy sex to the fullest. The mind can play tricks on us.

How do climax delay condoms work?

Condoms of any type are always lightly lubricated, facilitating penetration and preventing breakages. Well, climax-delay condoms include a very small quanity of benzocaine in this lubricant. Benzocaine is a local anaesthetic that will produce a slight loss of sensitivity in the penis in order to delay orgasm.

Benzocaine retardant condoms are recommended by specialists for the treatment of premature ejaculation. They help users to control ejaculation more successfully and thus, prolong the duration of intercourse.

These types of condoms increase the sensations and the amount of pleasure felt by each partner during sex by making the occasion last longer. Now you know — you'll enjoy climax-delay condoms until you're completely exhausted! What more can you ask for?


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