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Tote Bag EroticFeel FeeltheFlowers (Spanish)

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The accessories we carry not only speak about who we are but also about who we aspire to be. 'Tote bags' are a good example of this, practical, stylish, recyclable, they have long replaced traditional plastic bags and are so versatile that they can be used for absolutely everything. Need to grab some bread? Yes. Going to the gym? Yes. Heading out for a party? Yes. Going to work and then having some wine later? Absolutely. They are like Mary Poppins' bag where we can fit everything from a lunchbox to a Satisfyer. Unlike other types of handbags, 'totes' are not exclusively feminine; men, women, even your mother, everyone carries them. Need another virtue? They are customizable. That's why they have been our chosen accessory to launch our brand, a brand that reflects who we are or who we would like to become. Witty, elegant, subtle, different. That's EroticFeel, a place where sex is part of life – natural, fun, free from sordidness and taboos – and that's what our own line of products aims to be.

We could have gone for something from Paulo Coelho like "the world is in the hands of those who have the courage to dream and the risk to live their dreams," but we discarded it for being too long and, besides, the creative team (for whatever reason) couldn't agree. Then we considered something funnier like "I wish I were mascara so I could come on your face," but some people didn't find it amusing (people can be quite picky). Finally, we decided it would be easier to express our motto "Pleasure should be mandatory" because, with that statement, nobody disagrees. For if Sabina never had a religion other than a woman's body, ours is the celebration of any body, regardless of its gender.

Minimalist, in white or black, made of organic cotton, and featuring an illustration with floral motifs closely related to some of our most special packagings, this tote bag says much more about you than you might think. In life and in bed, pleasure should be mandatory, and life should be a celebration. These are our principles, and what are yours?

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