Giant Dildos

You enjoy the small things in life — but you’re quite fond of the large things as well. This section is for you. You crave to feel the fullness of an immense dildo penetrating you. You prefer abundance in every way. You laugh every time you hear someone utter “size doesn't matter”.

We all know the story of David and Goliath — the victory of the small and weak against the powerful giant. Well, although you can always emerge triumphant from a contest with a small but crafty companion, wouldn't you like to face the unknown with a magnificent colossus for once? Now that minimalism as a concept has started to permeate every aspect of our daily lives — it's time to claim that less is not always more. Sometimes, you feel like a triple-decker burger instead of a grilled chicken breast. Often, an espresso just isn't enough — and only a triple shot caffè latte will do the job. And, who would really choose a two-seater Smart car if they could have a top-of-the-range SUV? Let's cut the crap. Here, you'll find the biggest dildos on the market — powerful, huge, majestic. Times are changing and sex shops are all the rage. But the shelves are filled with cute little toys, and it's getting more and more difficult to find what you really want amongst the colourful trinkets — a big meaty cock. You are the resistance!

Big dildos for the boldest people

You enjoy your body and you look for pleasure in the small things, but also the large things in life. You've found the right place. At EroticFeel, we know well that everyone has their own tastes and that they are all equally valid. This is for you. You crave to feel the fullness of an immense dildo penetrating you — you prefer abundance in every way. And, you laugh every time you hear “size doesn't matter”.

Use giant dildos to experience enormous pleasure

You're not a conventional person, nor are you looking for conventional pleasure. They say that madness is doing the same thing over and over again, while expecting different results. You’re already well aware that you won't get extreme pleasure with a penis of normal proportions. You've tried it. These massive dildos will reach further, deeper, into virgin depths that have not yet been explored.

Although by definition, giant dildos are large sex toys — an 15-inch dildo is not the same as a 9-inch dildo. Here, you'll find dildos made of different materials (all completely safe), different lengths, girths and colours. Tailor-made pleasure.

Is it safe to use large dildos to masturbate?

Ferdinand VII of Spain suffered from genital macrosomia, and it is said that he had a member of such magnificient proportions that women were terrified as soon as they saw it. Well, if he was able to impregnate his fourth wife successfully, you can cope with the dildos we have for you. Obviously, you don't learn to drive in a Formula 1 car, so don't venture into the world of dildos with a 12-inch one. You know your limits better than anyone else, and it's best not to get caught speeding before you’ve lost your ‘L’ plates.

With patience and a steady hand , masturbating with a large dildo is absolutely safe.. If it has a suction cup or any other base that works as a stopper, the dildo can be used for anal and vaginal penetration (just make sure you wash it before passing from one hole to another of course). Whether you're a man or a woman, all you need is a little care and a lot of lubricant. Keep in mind — anal penetration requires more lubricant. The anus, unlike the vagina, does not naturally lubricate itself. After your first go on it, it’ll no longer seem exaggerated — it’ll become something extraordinary you wished you’d tried before. That's a promise.

What size are XXL dildos?

Let us say that, in our humble opinion — any dildo above 7 inches is already a great dildo. From 7 to 10 to 12 to...15 inches. Relax, something big is on the horizon.


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