Iroha Vibrators

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We could repeat it a thousand times, we are absolute fans of Iroha. Feminine and delicate, but don't be fooled by its appearance, the power is on the inside. The Japanese brand hides a powerful and strong motor beneath an exquisite candy shell that will leave you breathless. Iroha vibrators are practically collector's items. So pretty that they could easily check the contents of your purse and no one would guess what it's about.

Under the motto 'A new era of pleasure for women', Iroha avoids explicit forms and focuses on high-quality and elaborate designs of erotic toys. Because taking care of our sexual health and pleasure is as important as eating properly or exercising, these vibrators will awaken your senses little by little, massaging and stimulating each of your erogenous zones.

In the form of a lipstick, a raindrop, or a cherry blossom, their vibrations range from the gentlest tickle that tingles the skin and accelerates the pulse, to the orgasm that leaves you weak in the knees and that feeling of 'oh my, what just happened?'.

Going crazy with pleasure... can you think of a better plan for tonight?


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