LELO are specialists in the design of adult sex toys. It's clear to them that technology, aesthetics and sex go hand in hand. Whether they’re vibrators, Kegel balls or condoms — the Swedish brand's minimalist designs are a feast for the eyes. Wouldn't you like to find out if they have the same effect on the rest of your body?

If ‘Breakfast at Tiffany's’ were filmed today, Audrey Hepburn would be dining by a LELO store rather than outside the famous luxury jeweller's. The jewels would be slightly different, but just as sophisticated — and much more pleasurable. Even Marilyn would swap her diamonds for a magnificent Sona sucker by LELO. This Swedish brand has completely transformed the look, the use and the way sex toys are perceived. Meticulous designs and top-quality materials combine to produce objects of desire that are simply irresistible. The result of an inspired idea that came from three designers in a small apartment in Stockholm — “What if our most intimate items were made just as beautiful as the ones we displayed with the most pride?” Since then, they've strived to stand out from the rest of the adult industry by producing unique designs that aim to completely fulfil your sexual fantasies. That's how they've become so influential in this highly competitive field.

LELO is currently the world's number one adult toy brand. Their products are available in stores in over 50 countries, they've won dozens of awards, and although their headquarters remain in Stockholm, they've expanded throughout the world — from Shanghai to San José. Another of their goals is to maximise the longevity of their products with minimal environmental impact. That’s why they have manufactured all their products on their own premises since 2006 — without externalising any of the steps in the process. Their motto is: good products don't end up in landfill. By normalising the pleasure to be found in solo-play and by creating toys that satisfy our desires and fantasies, they've entered the bedrooms and hearts of millions of people around the world. They know well that every person is unique — that's why their range of products is so incredibly wide. Will you come with us to explore the luxurious world of LELO?

LELO's Best sellers

LELO has achieved what no one has ever done before — design products that are icons of both style and pleasure Among their bestsellers, the LELO Sona (1 y 2) and the Sona Cruise (1 y 2) both stand out. If you're a fan of clitoral suckers, get ready to find out which one is the best . And if you thinking about getting yourself one, don't wait any longer! You have to pay for quality — but you’ll definitely notice the difference. These sonic massagers stimulate your clitoris 75% more than rest of the similar products that you’ll find on the market. Their sonic waves don't only stimulate the outer clitoris, but also the internal part (a much bigger area than the tip of the iceberg that you can see). Rechargeable, silent, with six pleasure settings that range from delicate touches to deeply intense pulses, and, last but not least — it's waterproof. Compare if you like, but Sona will always come out on top.

The most luxurious and beautiful rampant rabbit on the market is called Soraya. It has an elegant design that adapts perfectly to a woman’s body. If you want it all, this double action vibrator with two powerful motors and a flexible clitoral stimulator will be the best investment you've ever made. It provides eight strong and silent vibration settings and you’ll be able to enjoy up to four hours of continuous use from just one charge. By the way, in case you were wondering — it’s also 100% waterproof .

Imagine the most pleasurable oral sex you can ever experience and, then imagine being able to experience it in your solo time — over and over again. Impossible? Well, it was until LELO designed the Ora 2 — an oral sex simulator (rechargable and waterproof) with a rotating head that will do magical things on and around your clitoris.

As small and discreet as your favourite lipstick, Mia will be the protagonist of your best travelling orgasms. Take it with you everywhere you go — in your handbag, in your make-up bag, or in your suitcase because you never know when you might need it. USB rechargeable, completely waterproof, and with a battery life of 90 minutes — Mia is versatile, discreet and surprisingly powerful.

You've tried it, they've tried it — but still all attempts have failed. You’ve been looking for it all your life. That's why LELO has made Gigi with its curved design and flattened tip, it'll find your G-spot at first sight — no doubt about it.. It has a range of different settings that vary widely in intensity from gentle caresses to overwhelming pulses. Gigi guarantees the most breathtaking orgasms. You don't believe us? You should also know that in addition to G-spot stimulation, Gigi is also an expert in other areas. Place Gigi over you clitoris and find your own little place in paradise.

Did you think that having your own personal trainer was out of the question? Well, not any more because LELO has created the Luna Smart Bead — the perfect personal trainer with touch sensors that respond to your movements. Luna automatically selects the Kegel exercises that are best suited to you. Not sure about what to train for? How about more intense and long-lasting orgasms? Luna Smart Bead will be your perfect ally for no-limits pleasure. Don't wait any longer to try LELO Beads?

Hex condoms are among the biggest selling products from the Swedish brand. Just your average condoms? They are condoms, but there's nothing average about them. LELO have always been well aware that condoms are the only method that protect against sexually transmitted diseases and infections. However, many couples feel that using condoms is inconvenient and takes away sensitivity. Well, once again LELO has the answer. LELO Hex condoms have a honeycomb structure formed from 350 interconnected hexagons, giving them the perfect combination of strength and lightness. If that wasn't enough, they're also ribbed condoms, so make any lovemaking experience is even more pleasurable. Anything else? Sure there is! LELO's condoms are the thinnest on the market, with a thickness of 0.045 millimeters, they provide such a natural sensation that you might wonder if you've still got yours on! They transmit body heat much more effectively and their hexagonal net provides a better grip — constricting and expanding to fit all penis shapes and sizes.

LELO for men

Until now, we've talked a lot about sex toys that are aimed at providing women with pleasure, but LELO hasn’t forgotten about men and their needs. With their prostate massagers, butt plugs, cock rings and masturbators, LELO is making sure that the world of male adult toys is undergoing a revolution of its own. And they want to play the leading role. Among their best-selling products, we have Hugo — a handsome anal vibrator and prostate massager that provides orgasms that are up to 33% more intense.. It has two motors — one at the base and the other at the tip. It's fully rechargeable, totally waterproof and it's perfect to use on your own or during your hottest sexual encounters.

Are you looking for something bold, delicate and powerful? It's not easy to combine these characteristics — but LELO have achieved it. Loki, with a perfect curved design for prostate massage, is the company's most recent product. It's completely waterproof, rechargeable and has six vibration settings — ideal to comfortably find your most intense pleasure point.

Cock rings from LELO are not only designed to provide a more intense and longer-lasting erection, they’re also meant to be enjoyed as a couple — during foreplay or as the perfect accompaniment to penetration. Torm is comfortable, safe, silent and totally discreet. Rechargeable, waterproof and with six different stimulation settings, with Torm, both of you will feel amazing pleasure . Get ready for climaxes that will take your breath away.

LELO sex toys for couples

LELO has a whole section dedicated to pleasure in company. The good thing is that these toys have so many pleasurable uses. So, LELO will propose some ideas — but you use them however you like. What's crystal clear is that you're never going to want to stop using them. How about an orgasm in public? The small and discreet Lyla is a silent and extremely powerful bullet sex massager that's remote controlled and equipped with SenseMotion technology. Its motion sensors allow you to enjoy intense vibrators with a tilt or a shake of the remote control. Give in to the most powerful orgasms. Where would you like to play today?

With its ‘U’ shape, one end of Tiani is designed to be inserted into your vagina while the other end stimulates your clitoris. If you use it during sex, he’ll feel a tight sensation that’ll will only increase his pleasure. And the best thing? You can control the intensity of its vibrations through its motion sensor control.

LELO has the best and most elegant Kegel balls

Do you want some Kegel balls, but not the typical ones? If you’ve read up to here, you’ll most definitely be absolutely in love with LELO. And yes, the Swedish brand has thought about you. That's why they've created Luna Beads — elegant Kegel balls designed so that you can tone your pelvic floor muscles in style and with a big dose of pleasure. One set combines four spheres of different weights with a design that's so comfortable and easy to use that they've won numerous awards. And if you’re like Coco Chanel and you think that black goes with anything, opt for the seductive Luna Beads Noir — you know they’ll be the right choice.

LELO also makes all kinds of accessories to spice up your sex life. Lube, oil, candles and even products that add sophistication to activities that were once considered a taboo like BDSM. It's now time to talk about ‘The Suitcase’ — the limited edition collection to celebrate the brand's 15th anniversary. This treasure chest contains twelve unique items of pure pleasure — the most luxurious BDSM collection in the world that will dominate your senses and make all your forbidden fantasies come true. Do you dare...?


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