Lingerie Sets

Liingerie sets are an essential part of any girl's underwear collection. And at EroticFeel, you can choose from all combinations imaginable. For example, for your top-half we've got babydolls, front-closure bras or frilly ruffled tops. For your bottom half, you'll find thongs, culottes and even shorts. You can accompany these with garters and garter belts as well. An infinite number of possibilities to ignite that passion. You’ll find the sexiest and best-quality lingerie sets below. Enter now!

Feeling sexy is all up to you. Lingerie defines us and it can be our greatest ally in the bedroom. Out with the shame, boredom and monotony! However, before we proceed, there are three things you should be clear about before getting your wallet out: it must be comfortable; it must be beautiful, and it must be of the highest quality. After all, you’ll wear it against your skin night after night. Nothing is closer to you. It can be racey, daring, sophisticated, elegant or fun. The underwear we choose for each occasion defines us; helps increase our confidence and self-esteem — it makes us feel feminine and seductive. We don't always choose the same clothes for work, play and special occasions. It's also important that we're not caught off guard with a worn-out pair of knickers on when an unexpected surprise presents itself.

At EroticFeel, you’ll find a wide selection of lingerie sets in our online sex shop. Babydolls with knickers or thongs; bras or tops with culottes or panties; even a highly original bra with matching lace shorts. Different styles, designs and colours. We know that there are as many different tastes as there are women on this planet. The important thing is being able to find yours.

Sexy underwear sets

Lingerie sets are an essential part of any underwear drawer. Two little pieces that feel good during the day — also have the power to make us feel really good at night. These are 'all-terrain sets' — for daily use and for special occasions. They're always ready because you never know when something really good might come along. Babydolls and matching panties never go out of fashion. This classic short nightie is a signature piece when it comes to sexy lingerie. It’s been reinventing itself for more than half a century. Its secret? They're not only designed to be worn for sleeping in style, but they'll also help set the tone for a night of unadulterated passion. It's for you if you want to be beautiful all of the time. Red, black, lace, satin, with a halter neck, with straps or strapless, open at the front or side, with your back uncovered... The possibilities are endless. It’ll definitely get you both in the mood. That's a promise!

If you want something original that'll drive your partner crazy, we recommend a lace top and shorts set. It's body-hugging sexiness will set you both up for the most intense night of steamy fun. If you want to try out your seductive dance moves, this is the lingerie set for you. It’ll be sensational.

Bra and panties lingerie sets

Would you prefer a classic black lace set or an eye-catching turquoise one? Bra and knickers, thong or culotte sets are the very essence of sexy lingerie. So you’ve got various pairs of trousers and several shirts in your wardrobe, right? Well, with bra and panty sets, you should have the same. Remember to follow the same premise: comfort, beauty and quality — and don't end up with just one set. Would you be happy with just one intimate encounter? We assume (and we hope!) that the answer is no.

Alluring, elegant, sophisticated and sexy. Frilly, lace, leopard print or cross straps that tie at the back. The possibilities are endless. And what would you like to wear on your bottom half? There are also are also plenty of options here: panties, thongs and culottes accompanied by suspenders and garter belts, or even decorative tape that wraps around your waist. Sprinkle a little fantasy on your choice of underwear and you’ll see the results!

Don't rest on your laurels — what you put on is just as important as what you take off. Few clothes give so much for so little. Minimum investment and maximum results. Sexy lingerie won't only ignite your partner's desire — but yours as well. Nothing is as exhilarating as feeling sexy and powerful. It's in your hands. What are you waiting for? Make each night unforgettable!


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