You are preparing a delicious dish and you don't know what to season it with: pepper, dill, basil, turmeric... the choice of the right herb can enhance or ruin any meal. The same goes for lubricants, although we warn you, when using a dildo, any lubricant is always better than no lubricant. But why settle? You've been thinking all day about the moment of coming home, relaxing, dimming the lights. You reach for that toy that makes you lose your senses and surrender within minutes, and the only thing that can enhance what's about to happen is the perfect lubricant. It has that texture you love, and it's perfect not only for your skin but also for your dildo. Because choosing the right lubricant enhances the sensitivity of your erogenous zones and intensifies the orgasm, while also taking care of and increasing the lifespan of your toy. It's all advantages.

In this section, you will find the best intimate gels made by the most prestigious brands to turn your games from good to magical. What are you waiting for?


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