Types of Silicone Ben Wa Balls

Recommended by experts and increasingly popular, Ben Wa balls made from different materials (metal, glass, silicone) are a type of accessory or erotic toy that is characterized by the enormous physical and sexual health benefits derived from their use. Silicone Ben Wa balls are the most popular: very flexible, non-staining, with a very smooth touch, durable, and not worn out by continuous use. Sounds good, right? Well, we haven't told you everything yet. Silicone Ben Wa balls are environmentally friendly, available in different shapes, colors, and weights, hypoallergenic, and very easy to clean.

Benefits of Silicone Ben Wa Balls

As we said, regular use of Ben Wa balls has only positive effects, including more intense and lasting orgasms, increased natural lubrication, increased sexual desire, and more control over your muscles to prevent urinary incontinence and prolapses. All that? Yes, all that. And all you have to do is use Ben Wa balls for 15 minutes a day to strengthen your pelvic floor, preventing it from losing flexibility and firmness. But, as with everything, the quality of the balls you choose is extremely important. You'll be using them in one of the most delicate and sensitive areas of your body, so it's best to opt for medical hypoallergenic silicone Ben Wa balls to avoid irritations, discomfort, or other issues.

Which Silicone Ben Wa Balls to Buy?

Here you'll find the best silicone Ben Wa balls on the market. Manufactured by the most prestigious and internationally recognized brands, you can choose between silicone Ben Wa balls from Satisfyer, Lelo, or Liebe. In different colors, with different weights and diameters, in packs or alone, with vibration or without it, one thing you can be sure of is that all of them are made from the highest-quality silicone.

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