Slow Sex... Enjoy Sex like Never Before

Sex and hurry, a bad combination. Always thinking about what's next, we seek quick satisfaction, with a hamburger, with a t-shirt, with an orgasm. We even do multiple things at once (just in case we have a heart attack and haven't posted a story on Instagram saying we're feeling just okay) for fear of missing out on something important. But missing a concert because you're recording it or watching a Netflix series while painting your nails is one thing, and checking WhatsApp messages in the middle of action is a completely different story.

Not there, stay with someone who turns off their phone when they get into bed with you, please. Life is what matters, the sex, the pleasure of enjoying another body and yours, of experimenting, touching, exploring, making time and the world stand still while you traverse each other with care. If, as Woody Allen said, sex is the most fun you can have without laughing, why rush to finish it? Is there something better waiting for you?

When you eat a chocolate bonbon, do you nibble at the edges and save that last delicious bite with the hazelnut for the end? Or do you put it in your mouth and swallow it like a headache pill? Remember the shiver that runs through you when a caress excites you, the tingling, the blood rushing, the trembling legs, the desire for more.

Massage oils, gels for masturbation, balms to enhance clitoral sensitivity, sprays to increase saliva production during oral sex, or a nipple stimulator that will drive you crazy – all this and more is part of the Slow Sex collection by Bijoux Indiscrets. Take a day off, alternate caresses, licks, touches, vary rhythms and intensity. Close the blinds, why look at what's happening outside when all the pleasure in the world is in your bed?


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