Sex, yes, but safe and liberated. Tenga, with a philosophy that aims to normalize sexual pleasure as a need that we all have and should enjoy without prejudices, has joined forces with the Keith Haring Foundation, founded by the American artist and activist with the goal of raising awareness about AIDS. From this collaboration, two Tenga Cups and three Tenga Eggs were born, with which the Japanese brand wants to contribute to a dream, a happier world where safe sexuality is accessible to everyone. Here you will find these five colorful, fun, and highly pleasurable erotic toys, with Tenga's exclusive technology and the unique seal of Haring's art.

A Vacuum Cup Original with its powerful suction effect and interior texture of knots and waves, but this time with such a creative casing that you'll want to keep it forever. Or do you prefer the Tenga Soft Tube Cup Keith Haring? You already know that this Cup with a soft casing allows you to squeeze, release, or stroke as you like. Regarding the masturbator eggs, just remember that the three models designed by Keith Haring are reproduced in the inner silicone, meaning what you see on the outside, you'll feel on the inside.

Buy the Tenga Keith Haring here and enjoy pleasure turned into art.


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