Satisfyer Men One Chambers of Pleasure Sleeve

Chambers of Pleasure - Satisfyer Men One Sleeve

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How many different ways are there to reach orgasm? Sex toys have come into our lives to make them better. They haven't replaced anything — but they have revolutionised the way we live. With the new Satisfyer Men One masturbator, you'll see plenty of fireworks. Break the monotony and forget about boredom forever. Combine masturbation with the excitement of oral and vaginal sex. Its design allows for six different sleeves. Do you want to experience the sensation of a mouth and tongue wrapped around you whenever you wish? Do you prefer the softest caresses or the tightest squeezes? Satisfyer have thought of everything.

First things first. You need the Satisfyer Men One in order to enjoy its six different sleeves.

What does the Satisfyer Men One male masturbator have to offer?

  • It features an innovative air pump system that you can control using valves to adjust the pressure to your liking. This can be more or less intense, tighter or looser — but always how you want it. 
  • Made of CyberSkin, these sleeves boast a particularly soft and sensual texture.
  • Developed in collaboration with porn actor Rocco Siffredi.
  • It fits all penis sizes.
  • Easy to take apart and clean.
  • The feeling it provides is like a combination of oral and vaginal sex.
  • Has a cap for hygienic storage.

When you purchase your Satisfyer Men One, you'll also receive the Classic Sleeve. But believe us when we say — you’ll want them all! It'll be the most valuable and satisfying collection you'll ever own.

Here's one of them: the 'Chambers of Pleasure' sleeve has a compression mechanism with flexible walls that caress the shaft of your penis while at the same time, drawing you in and inviting you to go deeper and deeper. As you advance in your exploration of the chamber walls, you'll activate a special suction and grip mechanism that will cause even more intense and prolonged excitement. Sounds good, doesn't it?

How to use and clean Satisfyer Men One sleeves

For a more satisfying experience, we recommend using your Satisfyer Men One with a water-based lubricant. This will enhance your pleasure and prevent damage to the surface of your favourite sex toy.

It's very easy to clean — simply remove the sleeve from the case and turn it inside out. It can be cleaned with warm water and neutral soap. However, keep in mind that it's best to disinfect this product with Satisfyer Cleaner and use Satisfyer Men Renewing Powder. Similar in consistency to talc, this powder protects and preserves the softness of the material — prolonging the product's lifespan.

Try them all and choose your favourite (if that's even possible!).

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Do you have questions about the Satisfyer Men One - Chambers of Pleasure Sleeve?

The Satisfyer Men Chambers of Pleasure is an interchangeable sleeve for your Satisfyer Men One masturbator. It features flexible walls that gently caress your penis. A special suction-pull mechanism is activated during deep insertion for more intense sensations.

At your Online  Sex Shop EroticFeel, we take special care of the packaging to ensure that the experience is a pleasurable one starting from the moment you receive your product. It will be securely and carefully wrapped in accordance with our firm policy of total discretion. Your order will arrive in a completely neutral box — with no logos or text that could be used to identify either our shop or the product inside. Neither the transport company, nor the postman, nor your neighbour will be able to tell what’s inside the parcel or where it came from.


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