Kegel Balls

Have you heard of Kegel balls or Ben Wa balls? Whether you have or not, you're in the right place. In this section, you'll find everything from the classic model, which is generally made up of two connected spheres, to the single-sphere design. All these spheres are available in different sizes, and each contains a smaller ball inside. The choice of weight for these spheres will depend on your own needs. They are fitted with a loop to make them easy to remove. At EroticFeel, we recommend using Kegel balls to exercise your pelvic floor muscles and get more pleasure from your sexual relations. We have a whole catalogue of different types of Kegel balls of the highest quality at EroticFeel. Enter now and find what you've been searching for!

Maybe you're an expert in the use of Kegel or Ben Wa balls and have been benefiting from them for years. Perhaps you're not too sure about what they're used for, or you'd never even heard of these terms before now! Well, we're talking about one or more spheres that are joined with a cord and are inserted into the vagina behind the pubococcygeal muscle. In other words — right where you put your tampon. Kegel balls contain other smaller balls — a mechanism that generates involuntary movements in your vaginal muscles. Can they fall out? Absolutely NOT! Note the capital letters! Just like your tampon doesn't fall out while you're walking. Lose any fear you might have — because it's not going to happen. They don't hurt and they don't fall out. The involuntary movements they produce in your pelvic floor prevent them from falling out.

At EroticFeel online sex shop, we'll explain what they're for, and why their use is recommended for women of all ages. We'll also explain how to use these balls to perform your Kegel exercises, and point you in the direction of the best Kegel balls on the market.. Keep reading because it gets interesting.

Just as hunger sharpens your wits, so does the search for new realms of pleasure. Apparently, these balls were invented in ancient feudal Japan to tone the vaginal muscles of the numerous concubines of the lustful emperor, who was rather prolific in his sexual activity. They were also used by geishas to keep their pelvic floor strong and supple. That's why they're also known as 'geisha balls'. So, as you can see, their benefits have been more than proven for centuries.

What are Kegel balls used for?

They don't only give you pleasure, they also help you gain more of it. They increase sexual arousal and desire. They stimulate blood circulation and improve the natural lubrication of your vagina. They heighten sensitivity in your intimate area — helping you have longer and more intense orgasms. An average orgasm lasts between four and five seconds. However, the regular use of Kegel balls can make your orgasms last for up to 15 seconds. 10 extra seconds of ecstasy doesn't sound too bad. That's a promise! Your partner will also have an extra dose of pleasure. The strengthening of your vaginal muscles will allow you to contract them whenever and however you like. You’ll be a goddess.

Now for the therapeutic part. Although pleasure and health are intimately related, you’ll see that there are few items that have so many uses and bring so many benefits for your well-being. Kegel balls work by strengthening your pelvic floor. With this, you’ll achieve improved control of your muscles and prevent urinary leaks. They also alleviate the bothersome symptoms of menopause and improve your mood. Gynaecologists highly recommend that women who've just given birth use them in order to get their pelvic floor back into its pre-pregnancy shape.

What are Kegel exercises and how are they done with Kegel balls?

Maybe you're not entirely sure what Kegel exercises are, but we’re certain that at some time or another you've had to hold your pee. Holding your urine flow gets your vaginal musculature working. Try something: when you next go to the toilet, first pee and then hold it. These contractions are Kegel exercises. However, this isn't the way to do it — holding your pee isn't good for your health! Kegel exercises consist of contracting and relaxing the pelvic floor muscles at intervals.

So what do Kegel balls have to do with it? Let us explain. They're the perfect tool for your exercises. It makes the job of toning your pelvic floor effortless because its internal mechanism triggers involuntary movements of your vaginal muscles.

What are the best Kegel balls available on the market?

As with everything, there has been a dramatic increase in the range of products available in recent years. You can choose between different sizes, weights, colours, materials and textures. We have a huge variety available for you at the online sex shop of EroticFeel.

And bear in mind, our policy of discretion with all our deliveries will prevent any embarrassment. You’ll receive your orders in a standard box with no labels or markings that would identify its contents. You can also rely on the professionalism of all our employees.

When choosing, its important that you understand some key concepts.

Types of Kegel balls online

Ben Wa balls or Kegel balls always feature just one sphere. They're ideal for beginners with little muscle tone. You can also choose from different weights. It's best to start with the lightest weights and increase them as you gain muscle strength.

Double balls have two spheres. With these, you can also choose from a range of colours and weights. At EroticFeel, we have training kits available with differently weighted balls that you can change as you gradually improve with your exercises.

If you're looking for the most pleasant sensations possible, you can always opt for Vibrating Kegel balls. Practicality and pleasure are not at odds.

When it comes to the price of Kegel balls, they cost anywhere from £13 to a little over £50. As you can see, the economic investment is very low compared to the benefits you’ll gain.

It's important that you feel as comfortable as possible, so always choose the ones that best suit your body and your personality. Simple, elegant, in different colours. Don't worry about the material. At the EroticFeel online sex shop, we only sell adult toys from the leading brands. All our toys are made from high quality, tested, hypoallergenic medical silicone and other high quality materials..

It's best to combine different weights so that your exercises are totally effective.

How to use Kegel balls

Insertion is as easy as putting in a tampon and the removal loop makes taking them out just as easy. And just in case you had any doubts — they don't hurt.

If you've never used them before, start with lighter weights, combine different balls, and increase the weight little by little. Use them with water-based lubricant. 15 minutes each day is enough for you to feel the results. So, what are you waiting for?


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